Vaginismus What is it and what is its treatment?

Vaginismus is a muscle disorder that occurs in the vaginal area. It consists of the involuntary or unconscious contraction of the muscles, making it difficult or even preventing penetration. This contraction is an anticipated reaction of the body to the impending sensation of pain or discomfort. Involuntarily, the body activates a defense mechanism.

This disorder can appear in women of any age and for various reasons. Depending on the reasons that can generate it, we can speak of primary vaginismus and secondary vaginismus. In the first case, adolescents or women who have not had sexual intercourse are particularly grouped. In the second case, those that, despite having lived experiences in a pleasant way, it is impossible to allow penetration again.

It can be generated by various factors, both physical and psychological.

Among the physical causes, vaginal infections, poor lubrication, dermatological lesions, stress, anxiety, hormonal changes such as occurs in the menopausal period or as a result of an accident or illness stand out. In this case, it can be due to a myriad of reasons.

Among the psychological causes, latent memories of unwanted situations appear. And here the range of possibilities is not less. Sometimes it is a consequence of having suffered some sexual abuse, fear of contracting a sexual disease, or insecurities typical of the inexperience. Low self-esteem can contribute to this affectation or the lack of desire towards the partner.

Even when it turns out to be the most affected, this muscle alteration not only affects sexual activity, but also the possibility of vaginal medical examinations. Vaginismus should be considered more than a sexual problem, an affectation of the organism.


Symptoms of vaginismus

It is not easy for any woman to recognize that she suffers from vaginismus, especially when there are situations that can inevitably generate some discomfort, such as when having a gynecological examination.

However, there are some symptoms that can make one suspect its existence, the main one being vaginal ailment with any penetration, even with a tampon.

Burning, itching or any other feeling of discomfort can also be a warning symptom of the possibility of suffering from vaginismus.

As hard as it may be, going to a doctor or gynecologist can leave you in doubt. A routine examination can be more than enough to make us aware of the problem and try to solve it.


It is vitally important to determine the origin of the problem in order to apply the appropriate treatment. For this, it is suggested to seek the help of a specialist, be it a gynecologist, psychologist or sexologist.

Studies have shown that treatments are positive to counteract vaginismus permanently, so if you have experienced any of the symptoms, it is suggested to go to the doctor immediately.

Applying relaxation techniques, performing vaginal exercises such as the contradiction of the pelvic muscles in a conscious way, is very favorable. Sometimes even a physical therapist can be of great help.

Dilation exercises are the most effective in these cases. Vaginal dilators can be purchased to eliminate the reflex from the muscles. These techniques or exercises can be performed directly by the woman or with assistance.

If there are psychic reasons that generate vaginismus, the therapy and help of a professional is important.

The important thing about these treatments is to achieve control over the involuntary contraction of the muscles. Getting the mind uninhibited in the presence of a foreign body inside the vagina. That the woman knows and enjoys her body is important to face the problem, and if there is the support of the partner, there will be an even more positive repercussion in the short term.