Typical Australian food: what is eaten in this country?

When we travel, one of the things we enjoy the most is the gastronomy of those places we visit . It does not matter if the place is abroad or in our country: we will always find very different flavors, textures, smells and dishes that will conquer us. You just have to dare to open all your senses to taste those products that are new to us in all aspects . The typical food of Australia has caught our attention. It is an area of the planet full of magic thanks to its beaches, its lush nature and its very different culture. Therefore, we are going to describe those dishes that you will love as soon as you see them.

typical australian food

Surely you have not asked yourself about the typical food of Australia until you have decided to travel to the land of kangaroos. However, today you may have many questions on the subject. Normally, the gastronomy of this part of the planet has influences from numerous countries , for example, from Asia, although it is not difficult to find Mexican touches in some of its dishes.

Pies (pies)

If there is a characteristic dish of Australia, that is the feet . They can be found in bakeries or supermarkets and are sold in different prices, sizes and flavors. It is a cake that is normally filled with meat , although sometimes mushrooms, onions or other vegetarian foods are found inside. It is like a sandwich that can be consumed comfortably anywhere and is a reflection of the identity of this country.

Barbecue sauce

Aussies are real barbecue sauce lovers . It can be made from different types of meat. Now, the most traditional thing is to consume it together with a good rib. This sauce is special in that it is made from onion, muscovado sugar, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce and pepper .


If we talk about the typical food of Australia, a good barbie cannot be missing. It is about getting together with family or friends on weekends and preparing a good asado with grilled lamb, fish, sausages or shrimp on a barbecue . The personal and gastronomic experience will be excellent.

comida típica de Australia

fish and chips

If you know England, you will know what this delicious dish consists of. Undoubtedly, it is a British influence that has caused Australia to swoon over fish and chips . It is a fried fish presented with chips that stands out for being juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. A delicacy that you can not stop trying.


Without a doubt, an exclusive dish of typical Australian food . It is very complicated that you can try it in another corner of the planet. It is a paste with pepper and salt to which yeast is made, which is normally used to make beer . It is eaten with toast or bread, and is considered one of the country’s national dishes. It is very difficult to talk about its flavor, although many compare it to a beef broth with a touch of pepper. To check if it is true, you will have to go to Australia to taste the vegemite .

grilled tuna steak

Do you like fish? Well, then you are going to enjoy, and a lot, the typical food of Australia . Normally, among their favorite foods, grilled tuna steak stands out. It drives the residents of this country crazy that it is capable of surprising you with everything it has prepared for you.


If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot miss this typical sweet of Australian cuisine . It is the ideal dessert to end a good meal. It’s all about fruitcakes . Strawberry usually stands out, although depending on the region, some flavors or others may be tried. Likewise, they are accompanied by meringue , so the experience will be 100% pleasant.

roast lamb

Lamb meat is very typical in Australia . In addition, it not only conquers those who live in the place, but also those tourists who dare to discover this land. It is usually prepared with vinegar and mint seasoning . Likewise, it is usually accompanied by side dishes such as carrots or potatoes .

Balmain Bug

It is a lobster that lives in shallow waters , both in New Zealand and Australia. For this reason, it is easy to find it in supermarkets and in restaurants specializing in seafood delicacies.

Tim Tam

It is a sweet that, without a doubt, is part of the typical food of Australia . You cannot leave the country without trying it. You have to be careful because many claim that one can become addicted to its flavor because of how rich it is . Therefore, go little by little and enjoy each bite as if it were the last.