Types of footprints and their importance in running

Nowadays, there are many people who go running. The reasons are numerous. On the one hand, there are those who want to keep fit and gradually improve their resistance . On the other hand, there are people who love to enjoy nature, and any excuse is worth it to move between trees and plants, breathing fresh air and eliminating all the stress accumulated in your body. Now, not many people know that, in this sport, there are different types of tread .

When exercising, there are people who do not stop to think that, as in other life experiences, the most important point is not the final goal, but also the process, the circumstances in which you reach it. In this way, technique must be taken into account when practicing sports . The reason is that we have to protect our body and avoid any kind of injury, and this only happens when we don’t know how to move, when we don’t understand how our muscles, joints and bones work. Therefore, the time has come to analyze much of this information . Thus, if you are a runner, you will know how to act so that the training takes place in the best possible way.

Why are tread types so important?

One of the reasons why the types of tread are important and must be taken into account is because they affect the spine. In this way, we are not only talking about running in a proper way to avoid injuries , but also about not having bad postures due to the load that we make you bear when we play sports. Taking into account that the impacts can develop in an unbalanced way, the pressures and tensions that are distributed by this part of the body are many .

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On the other hand, in these cases we must also take into account the hip , which supports the movements and efforts that we make with the body when it comes to running. In this way, our entire body is largely involved in this activity that we like to do so much but that, like all the others, has some danger. For this reason, although sport is healthy, it must always be carried out with knowledge , knowing what the consequences are every time we start running and what are the best tips to avoid it.

Types of tread in running

If you are a person who practices running or wants to start practicing it in order to stay healthier and improve their resistance, it is important that you are aware of the different types of tread that exist within this sport. Each of them is very important. It is the only way to know, also, what kind of accessories you should use depending on your morphology. In this way, you will be able to go running in a totally safe way , taking care of yourself and each of the elements that make up your body.

The types of tread that we are going to analyze next are the pronator, the supinator and the neutral . Could you tell right now which one is yours? Each one is characterized by unique elements that make each person move in a different way. Thus, we can say, due to various circumstances, that no two athletes are the same.

The pronator tread: the most common in the practice of running

If we must mention the most common footprint among runners, we have to say that it is the pronator . It belongs to more than fifty percent of the runner population. In it, when the foot hits the ground, the ankle moves slightly to the inside. For this reason, the first contact that is created with the base is with the right back. For this reason, in these cases it is common to see how the shoe wears out more on the outside than on the inside.

If you have this type of footprint, then it is best to buy shoes that boast good support on the inside . Depending on your degree of pronation and your body weight, the shoe should have less or more hardness. The greater pronation or weight, the greater stability it will give us when exercising . In the event that you have shoes that adapt to your foot, you will not need a shoe that has stable support. The reason is that, in these cases, the templates are responsible for performing this function. Therefore, if you comply with the above, it will be enough for you to acquire neutral shoes .

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The supinator tread

Within the types of tread in the world of running, we can also mention the supinator tread . It is characterized by the fact that when the runner hits the ground, his ankle tilts outwards. This type is very rare and usually occurs in runners who have a very pronounced plantar arch . The degrees of supination can be very varied. The higher the degree, the greater the problems that the athlete may suffer when practicing running .

In these cases, people who have a supinator tread usually complain of discomfort in the part of the tendons that are in the ankle. Likewise, it is quite common for them to suffer from pain on the outside of the knees . On the other hand, it is also easier for these athletes to suffer more sprains. The reason for the latter is that stability is less when exercising . Therefore, in order to feel as safe as possible, the shoes that a supinator needs are those that have great cushioning . Actually, we cannot talk about specific footwear for this type of tread, but we can talk about a neutral one that boasts more cushioning than other types of shoes.

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The neutral tread

Finally, within the types of tread we can talk about the neutral tread . Without a doubt, it is the most recommended when exercising. In this movement, the ankle is not tilted to either side , but is held at a safer, stable angle at all times. Therefore, those who have this type of tread will suffer fewer injuries, so practicing physical activity for them will be much healthier.

In this case, it is also necessary to bet on good footwear . It is true that the sole in this case will not help us as much as in the previous cases. However, knowing that when we exercise we put our body’s health at risk, we should not buy low-quality supplements . In addition, the latter usually do not last long, so trying to save on a garment with these characteristics is a big mistake.

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