Traveling without money Is being a backpacker a good option?

Being a backpacker is a lifestyle . They are people who travel with only a backpack on their backs and who solve the incidents of their trips in a different way than usual. Many of those who dream of traveling the world, tend to be held back by the issue of money since it is common to think that it is not possible to do it without having a large amount saved. Thus, the most common problem is that when we talk about a trip, we automatically think of going to the most expensive destinations or staying in the most luxurious hotels. This is a very frequent mistake, for this reason those who want to travel without money , look for the cheapest destinations , but not for that less attractive. The destinations that the so-called backpackers visit are usually those hidden treasures that not every tourist has visited.

In this sense, those who dare to travel without money are able to get to know the major tourist attractions in a different way , without neglecting those sites that are normally tourist profiles. Thus, backpackers also know the communities and the people of all the countries they visit. It is a more humane, direct and curious way of traveling.

Here are the best tips for traveling without money. Maybe you dare to take your backpack and travel the world.

Traveling without money What is the best option to stay?

One of the first things you should take into account when planning a trip is where you will be staying. This is a very important point and in which you can save a few euros thanks to the existence of campsites, youth hostels and hostels, each with its pros and cons. However, they can be much cheaper than other lodgings, because in them you will find great discounts if you want to travel without money.


In the case of campsites, you must have all the equipment for this purpose. Prepare your tent, camping gas and bring your own food. This system, despite being the cheapest, is not always the most comfortable. Staying at a campsite allows you to cook and have all the sanitary conditions and many other services that will make your stay bearable and full of experience.

Youth hostels

With regard to youth hostels, the price increases a bit, although the stay will be more comfortable for you by sharing a room with other travelers. If you consider it as an option to travel without money, do not forget to bring your own sheets and sanitary elements.


Hostels represent the third option when it comes to traveling without money, they are also cheap, although their price may be higher than a camping site. Of course, you will have a little more comfort than in the other options. Finally, it all depends on your preferences and those of your pocket.

Define your priorities very well

When planning your trips, you should keep in mind what your priorities are , although you should leave room for improvisation, since otherwise it would not be a backpacking trip.

To travel without money, the most important thing is to cover the cats in food . Then, you should think about the accommodation, the means in which you can transport yourself, the tickets of the places you want to visit and, finally, all those whims that a tourist has, by this we mean souvenirs or some typical dish of the destination. There are many things that you will want to buy or enjoy on a trip, this is inevitable.

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It is essential that you have your priorities very clear so that later you can indulge yourself. You just have to try to be very conscious with respect to expenses, leaving aside everything that is unnecessary and having everything very well controlled.

What should you know regarding transportation?

Transportation is similar to lodging . There are many alternatives that go from the cheapest and simple , to the most expensive and luxurious. Here you should also clarify your preferences.


Generally, bus trips are more accessible, there are those who consider this to be a good option to cover mobility and accommodation. Backpackers are used to sleeping in these vehicles while on the move. Although this depends on you, it may be that, if you are starting in this travel without money, you do not see it as an alternative.

Additionally, there are flights with low-price companies, which you can book online. These are perfect for backpackers, since it is not necessary to make a reservation at the airline establishment, but you can make a reservation online. These airlines have very varied destinations throughout Europe.

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Internet is, in short, one of the best tools to travel without money. You just need a little curiosity regarding the places you want to visit, the rest is just to take a look at all the pages that offer accommodation. Some offer advice on the best campsites and other lodgings in the area. Currently, with the rise of travel bloggers, you can even register each adventure on the networks, and maybe you will get followers and even profits.

How to plan to travel without money

When planning a backpacking trip, it is good to allow some time to improvise. You may visit a city and like it so much that you want to stay a little longer. While it is true that to travel without money it is necessary to anticipate certain things, on the other hand, you have a little more freedom regarding the time it will take you to visit each place. The same happens with the means of transport and the accommodation you choose since you will not have a rigid itinerary that limits you when making decisions.

As you can see, it is not so much what you should plan to travel without money. You just need to open up to new alternatives for adventure tourism