Traveling with your dog by plane, this is all you need to know

Traveling to any destination by plane is a painful goodbye for a dog owner , but thanks to the increase in the number of hotels and airlines that allow pets , more people are taking their faithful friends when they fly.

But the confusing cases that have ended in tragedy when transporting animals have raised questions about the best way to travel with a dog by plane . In the weeks leading up to the flight, the animal needs a veterinary check-up to make sure it is fit to travel and that its vaccinations are up to date.

Which airline should I choose to travel with a dog by plane?

When you have decided to travel with your dog by plane, you should call the airline, since not all companies allow animals to be transported and each one has its own regulations in this regard. Pet owners should pay attention to the fine print when booking flights for their animals.

For example, Air France says that they accept some pets in the cabin of the plane and in the hold of the plane, but certain “dangerous dogs” such as terriers or pit bulls, cannot travel on this airline. However, there are some companies that allow small pets to travel in the cabin during the flight, as long as it is communicated at the time of booking. Fares can be high and some only allow it on domestic trips.

Dog grooming

Although it’s probably a bit easier than flying with children, traveling with a dog by plane is not as simple as putting it in a baby carrier and taking off. You will have to prepare your dog for the long journey and let it get used to its transporting.

Do not just put it in its transport equipment the day before, it should rather be a transition: you have to teach your dog to be calm and not to pee inside , it is almost like training for a marathon. Before buying a pet carrier, check the requirements and measurements of each airline.


pasaporte para perro

A pet passport is essential for traveling with a dog by plane , a system that allows animals to travel without being quarantined if all regulations are followed.

What to do on board

When it is time to fly, your dog should be mounted in the hold or positioned in its transporting under the seat in front of you, this will depend on its size.

If you go in the cellar, there are some risks such as poor ventilation and extreme temperatures. You just have to make sure to keep in mind that if you travel in the summer months, you should avoid stopovers so that your dog does not change from one warehouse to another and is affected by the changes.

If you take your dog in a transporting, take into account the size restrictions that airlines have for animals, some companies also have limits on the number of animals allowed per cabin.

As we have already mentioned, each airline has its own regulations and procedures by which you should familiarize yourself with each of them before making a reservation and you cannot travel by plane with your dog.