Travel suitcase: list of useful tips when making it

Keep these tips in mind to pack your travel bag and travel light and calm. If you never know exactly what to take in your suitcase when you go on a trip or you don’t know what is allowed to be included in the handbag, today we will clear up your doubts.

At Lugarnia we know that packing your suitcase can be a hassle for many, so we have made a list of recommendations so that you can go on a trip safe knowing that you will not miss anything.

Useful tips to pack a travel suitcase with just what you need

Select the ideal type of suitcase

Before assembling your luggage it is important to opt for the type of suitcase that best suits you depending on the trip you are going to make. Depending on the destination, the transport you are going to use, the limitations of the airlines, the temperature of the place, etc. For example, if you don’t want to move around a lot, it is best to take the traditional suitcase; But if, on the contrary, you want several places frequently and walk through less accessible places, it is best to pack your luggage with a backpack.

Create a list

Stay calm and think about all the things you need for the trip. The best thing is to make a list so that you don’t feel like crazy picking things up from one side of your house to the other. The best thing is that you pack your suitcase calmly and at least two days in advance, so that you can buy the things you need and do not have to be stressed on the last day to buy everything.

Create the list and leave it at hand to be able to fill in with the things that you will need, surely the following days you will think of something else to throw in your suitcase. When you think it’s finished and you’re sure it’s not going to be heavily loaded, start with the luggage.

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Organize your daily clothes

When you finish the list, it is time to remove the most unnecessary things . We always have a tendency to carry our luggage too much, carrying excess and uncomfortable weight. To make proper luggage, put away the clothes you wear frequently. One of the best tips for packing is to make sets of clothes that you usually wear, clothes that can be easily combined with almost everything you carry. If you travel for a few days, you could create daily outfits using different clothes on different days. In the event that the trip lasts longer, it is best to include garments of different types to combine well with each other (skirts, pants, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, etc.). Also, keep in mind that almost anywhere there are laundries where for a small fee you can wash your clothes and have your luggage cleaned in just half an hour.

Build the puzzle

One of the essential things that must be done to have a travel suitcase is to place clothes and other objects in a correct position within the luggage you have selected. It is recommended that items that weigh more are placed below, such as shoes, toiletry bag or pants. It is important that footwear is stored in individual bags so that the space is well used and that other objects do not get dirty. Try not to wrinkle the clothes by rolling them up like a tube. In the case of silk garments, these should be placed at the top so that they do not wrinkle, the same should be done with evening dresses, suits and shirts.

And you? Do you have your own tricks for packing your luggage? Share your tricks with us!