Training routine to eliminate the kilos gained at Christmas

It happens every year. We enjoy the Christmas parties, the delicious lunches and dinners to which we are invited, we forget about the diet and we barely have time to exercise. What’s going on? That the scale gives us very bad news when we dare to get on it. In this way, we realize that we have to get going again and follow a routine that allows us to eliminate the kilos gained at Christmas . Obviously, we have to make an effort and, far from despairing, we must know that little by little we will recover our shape and we will once again enjoy, through perseverance, a healthy body.

Eliminate the kilos gained at Christmas with a good workout

There are many people who believe that to eliminate the kilos gained at Christmas it is essential to crush the body without rest. It is true that we must get involved and take seriously an effective routine with which to burn fat, but it must always be carried out with limits. For this reason, throughout this article we are going to explain that with moderate exercise you can achieve great results . What’s more, you will only need 20 minutes a day to reach the goal you have set for yourself.


Benefits of moderate training

If we do a high intensity training with resistance units we will have the opportunity to stimulate our metabolism. In this way, we will achieve, nothing more and nothing less, that the body continues burning fat even when we are no longer practicing sports. This is called the afterburn effect .

Also, with the exercises that we are going to propose below, you will be able to harden the muscle tissue . This, in turn, will cause a reduction in the amount of fat that we have accumulated . Likewise, we will notice how the muscles grow . This means that the energy reserves will multiply and we will witness the greater volume and better definition that each of our muscles will have throughout our entire body.

The most recommended exercises

If we want to achieve everything we have just described, you just have to bet on the correct exercises . Of course, these have to be high intensity. There is a wide variety and we have opted for those that are efficient and do not carry any type of risk. The most recommended is to do 3 series of 10 repetitions . Breaks should last one minute. You can do them three times a week and combine them with other sports, such as running or walking. Of course, nothing will make sense if you don’t follow a healthy diet .

Exercises to lose the kilos gained at Christmas

As we have already anticipated, at this point we are going to explain how to do those exercises that will help you lose the kilos gained at Christmas . You will notice the results in a few weeks and you will discover that all effort is worth it.

jumping jack

Eliminar los kilos cogidos en Navidad

The jumping jack is the quintessential exercise. It’s about doing jumping jacks . It is very demanding, there is no doubt about that, but you will be able to train cardio and strengthen both your arms and your legs . You just have to stand up and place your feet together. Then, in this position, you have to do jumps while separating and closing your legs, and raising and lowering your arms to the side.

Squat Burpee

Burpee con sentadilla

Do you know what burpees are? These are jumps that are combined with a push-up. Without a doubt, they are very popular among those who are committed to high-intensity training . Now, not all people are capable of pulling them off, so you’ll need to train hard to perfect them. In this variation we suggest you stay in a squat without taking the corresponding jump. The reason is that it is more demanding and will allow you to burn even more fat in less time .


Step up

In this exercise, you will only have to go up one step in order to raise your knee and then lower it . The most recommended thing is that when executing it you use the strength of the core. If you carry out this simple trick you will be able to strengthen the legs, the buttocks and, also, the abdominal girdle .


Ejercicio escalador

To perform the climber , we must start in a plank starting position. Next, we have to bend one leg, straighten it again, and do the same with the other . It is as if you were going to run or climb, but being parallel to the ground. Of course, the first few times you run it you will have to run at a moderate speed. Now, over time, you will get practice and you will be able to increase the intensity.

strengthen arms

Eliminar los kilos cogidos en Navidad

Of course, we cannot forget about the upper limbs in order to be really fit. To achieve this, we must place ourselves on the ground, with our knees bent and grab a bench or a chair to put our hands on. The height should correspond to that of the shoulders. Now, we have to contract the abdomen, raise and straighten the elbows, and go back down.


Plank jack

We all know that the plank is a very demanding exercise . Now, if we add jumps to this, we undoubtedly increase our resistance a lot. To do the jack plan , we have to get into a plank position and jump to open and close the legs.

Tips for a healthy diet

To eliminate the kilos gained at Christmas it is essential, as we have highlighted before, to follow a healthy diet. This will not only serve to burn fat, but also to protect our body and strengthen our immune system. Do you want to know how you can enjoy a healthy diet ? Read the tips that we propose below.

eat a variety of foods

The first thing we have to do is eat a variety of foods . This is because the body needs to take in more than forty different nutrients. No single food can provide us with everything essential to live. Therefore, what we consume must be varied. Fresh foods , of course, are the most recommended, but as long as we follow a consistent balance, we can enjoy all kinds of products.

Foods rich in carbohydrates

Many people do not consume enough carbohydrates . Among them are potatoes, pasta, bread, cereals or rice . The reason is that many fear gaining weight from its consumption, leaving them aside without realizing all the benefits that they are depriving themselves of. 60 percent of a diet should come from these types of foods . Ideally, some of them are whole grains, such as bread, to increase fiber intake .

Dieta sana

Fruit and vegetable consumption

Of course, fruits and vegetables could not be missing from this list. It is very common for people not to eat enough of these products, when they provide protective nutrients . The most recommended is to eat five pieces a day . They don’t have to be raw. Numerous delicious dishes can be made from them.

Drink a lot of liquids

One point that we cannot skip is drinking plenty of fluids . At least we must consume a liter and a half every day . Of course, if it’s hot or we play sports, this amount would be small and we should increase it. Water is fundamental , and without a doubt the healthiest. Now, there are other liquids that can help our body feel better. For example, diet drinks or natural juices .