Tips to overcome exercise addiction and give your body a break

Playing sports is good for your health, but in excess it can be harmful and counterproductive. So if you think you are overdoing it, we bring you some tricks to overcome the addiction to physical exercise and take care of your health.

How to overcome exercise addiction

If you think you are exercising too much and your body is beginning to suffer, follow our tips on how to overcome exercise addiction.

1. Go to a coach and set a routine

When you are practicing sports in excess you are straining your body, which will not benefit you at all. Hiring a personal trainer who will mark you some repetitions and exercises may be the best option, since you will have a marked routine and there will be a control of the amount of daily exercise.

If you think that hiring the services of a personal trainer is too expensive, you can ask him to just do a routine for you . You just have to follow his training plan.

2. Psychological help to find the root of the problem

When you play sports, the body generates endorphins , which make you feel good physically. But when you stop and the levels of these drop, if you feel that you need more is that you are facing a problem. It may be that your addiction to sports is not because of something recent, but that it comes from something deeper that needs professional help to overcome .

If you are in this situation, going to the psychologist may be the best option to help you with this hidden problem that you are not able to overcome or recognize for yourself. As time progresses and you follow the instructions given by the professional, you will be able to see things differently and overcome the addiction to physical exercise .

3. Accept your body as it is

The canons of beauty have changed throughout history and each generation has an ideal of beauty in mind that it wants to achieve, sometimes at any cost. Performing exercises that are not designed for your physical condition can be harmful to your body, which could suffer an injury.

We are not all the same and you must accept your physical condition. If you accept your body as it is, you can perform the appropriate exercises and achieve better results.

Alimentación y ejercicio físico

4. Eat a good diet

Sometimes sports addiction can be related to an eating disorder . Without a good diet, for many hours that you train, you will not be able to obtain the expected results, which can lead you to become obsessed with training more and more.

Go to a nutritionist to make you a diet tailored and adapted to your training. He will help you achieve better results. This is because the diet will be adapted to the goals you want to achieve and will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients to cope with that energy burn.

5. Control training time

Sometimes we are not aware of the time we are dedicating to an activity until we stop for a moment and reflect on it.

Not by training more does it improve more or the objectives are achieved earlier, but quite the opposite. So if while training you tend to get lost over time, set an alarm that tells you that the training time has come to an end . This, in turn, will also help you optimize the time you spend training much more.

6. Practice sport accompanied

Playing sports alone may be the only option you have for your pace of life, but with good planning, surely you can organize with your group of friends, co-workers or family to do some physical activity together .

The practice of sport in a group will help you to spend more time with your family or friends, which will help you psychologically. You will also have a training rhythm that will adapt to the whole group , so you will not overdo it.

Practica deporte en grupo para superar tu adicción

7. Practice relaxation activities

Today’s society and the pace of life we lead can cause you constant stress. Faced with this situation, many people only manage to relax by practicing sports . Our advice is that you practice sports to relax, but choose the type very well. We advise you to try yoga or meditation.


Sport is an activity that is highly regarded socially but, like everything else, in excess it can be harmful. All addictions are dangerous, including sports, so we advise you to take it very seriously and ask for help if you think it is convenient. Asking for help is not a bad thing, since many times we are not able to solve a problem alone. And there is nothing wrong with it