Tips to avoid skin blemishes during the summer

Sunbathing is a joy at this time of year. And in addition to making us brown, the habit has direct effects on our level of happiness, since our body releases more dopamine and serotonin when we expose ourselves to sunlight. Despite its countless benefits, you have to watch out for side effects. In this post we will offer some tips to avoid spots on the skin , one of the most common associated conditions.

Tips to avoid stains on the skin

The sun’s rays can cause alterations in the cells of the dermis , burns and carcinomas . The following tips collect a series of recommendations indicated by experts, however, in the event that spots appear, it is best to visit a specialist who performs a personalized evaluation.

Usando protección solar

Begin to sunbathe progressively

You don’t have to take your tanning too seriously: it ‘s better to go little by little . Since tanning is a defensive response to protect us from the dreaded burns, and this does not take place overnight, our skin appreciates that the exposure is carried out progressively, over several days.

The ideal is to start with a few minutes during the first day, and increase this period throughout the rest of the summer days. Once we are brown, we will not be able to exceed a certain time of exposure per day, since in a few years our skin could remind us.

Sunscreens don’t protect from everything

Although using sunscreen is an essential measure , these types of products are not miraculous either. They offer protection for a time, but beyond that, they do not prevent the aforementioned alterations in the dermis, or sunstroke. They are also composed of chemical ingredients whose long-term interaction with the skin has yet to be proven. Finally, they clog the pores and do not let our skin breathe.

Do not get peeling treatments and cover the tattoos

It is not highly recommended to get peels on your face or body to remove dead skin during the holidays, if these include a lot of the beach. This class of treatments are very abrasive, and eliminate the first defense against the sun, which is precisely this inert layer . In fact, sunbathing after intensive cleansing can cause general skin redness at night, so be careful.

With tattoos, the main risk is given by the possible reaction of chemical inks to sun exposure , so experts advise covering them in any case.

Eat lots of greens, vegetables, and fruits

The skin is not the only part of our body that becomes dehydrated after a long session in the sun. On the contrary , our entire body loses a large amount of water that must be replaced. In this sense, each skin behaves in a way, however, it is very beneficial to drink a lot of water and follow a diet rich in vegetables, greens and fruits.

Gazpacho, for example, is the perfect food for the summer, due to its high hydration power, and how healthy its ingredients are. Salads are also a great alternative that provides fiber and water-soluble vitamins.

Visit a dermatologist (before and after the holidays)

In the end, the last word on the health of our skin belongs to the dermatologist. Therefore, requesting a consultation before starting to sunbathe helps to detect previous problems that could be aggravated during the holidays . Likewise, monitoring new spots, freckles or moles during the winter can motivate a quick diagnosis in case of serious pathologies.

We hope that our tips to avoid skin blemishes will be useful to you this season. And remember, at the slightest symptom, consult a specialist.