Tips on which martial art to practice if you want to start

If you want to get started in one of the many combat disciplines, but you don’t know which martial art to practice , pay attention to our tips to choose the activity that suits you best. There are a large number of styles and disciplines , choosing just one is quite a challenge for martial arts aspirants.

What martial art to practice?

Choosing which martial art to practice is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is important to take into account certain aspects , such as the objectives to be achieved, the characteristics of each discipline and, of course, the needs, aptitudes and limitations of those who practice it. You must bear in mind that there is no better martial art than another , there are simply differences between them and they seek to fulfill their objectives through different methods.

The benefits of practicing martial arts are multiple. In general, these types of disciplines help reduce weight , get muscles toned, increase resistance and improve cardiovascular function through intense training sessions. In addition, they help improve coordination , flexibility and improve mood. Of course, they are disciplines that teach self- defense and that is already an added bonus.


Why is it good to start in martial arts? In addition to the benefits described above, this type of training places special emphasis on self- confidence , respect and discipline .

How to choose which martial art to practice?

The first thing is to know what martial arts exist and familiarize yourself with some of the characteristics of each of them. Then, you must know your physical conditions and analyze what activities you can and cannot do, since there are martial arts that require much more effort than others.

contact martial arts

Almost all martial arts require contact between the participants, but not all do it in the same way and frequency. Within the hit contact ones are the popular karate and taekwondo ; there are also grappling ones, such as judo or jiu jitsu . The difference between these two types of disciplines lies in the fact that those of a blow seek to hit the opponent from a certain distance; on the other hand, in grappling, the aim is to absorb the opponent’s momentum through a struggle.

There is also mixed martial arts or MMA. These combine two or more styles and are used in very extreme fighting competitions such as the UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship . Within the martial arts that do not require contact we find taichi and capoeira.


Not all martial arts require the same resistance, because, depending on the movements and the fight, they need less or greater intensity . This also varies depending on the type of place where the contest takes place, as some do it on a tatami and others in a ring . For example, kickboxing , which is practiced in a ring, requires a great physical background; just like muay thai.

In capoeira , for example, there is a combination of rhythm with intensity, because although it is a sport, it also mixes dance styles . High resistance levels? Kung fu , without a doubt. Judo and jiu jitsu also add to the intensity, which through locks and grappling require good physical condition to maintain the intensity of combat .

Martial arts of attack or defense

It is wrong to think that martial arts encourage violence , because, although they all emerged as self- defense techniques, there are some that are only used when the person is attacked; this is the case of aikido . What certain disciplines like taekwondo and muay thai do is seek to launch blows to attack or counterattack , while karate seeks to control energy and transform it into motivation .

qué arte marcial practicar

Not so in the case of krav magá , considered one of the most lethal types of martial arts. This type of discipline is used in armies in different parts of the world and involves aggression with or without weapons. It is said to be a lethal practice because the objective is applied to get out of real dangerous situations alive , regardless of the means used to do so. Also, krav magá combines the punches of karate and boxing ; the defense of these two with aikido ; the throws and throws of judo, Olympic wrestling , as well as karate and aikido. He uses different movements from other martial arts to defend himself and attack.

How agile are you?

As you know, each martial art requires a different effort and not all bodies are the same. There are people who have more agility , dexterity and elasticity than others. For example, to master wushu techniques certain acrobatics are needed; and very flexible to launch karate and taekwondo kicks.

In addition, they require concentration , balance and great control of the center of gravity , as these allow the execution of the necessary techniques to carry out fast and effective attacks and defenses. Even if you lack agility, dexterity and elasticity, do not be discouraged, as these can be acquired over time.

cultural interests

You should know that all martial arts have been created according to the philosophy of a particular people, country, region or area. Therefore, while you learn these techniques, you will also learn some things about the culture of the country where they come from. In the case of taekwondo , you will learn about Korean culture; If you choose judo, karate, jiu jitsu, ninjutsu , aikido, among others, you will get closer to Japanese culture .

Age determines which martial art to practice

Age plays a fundamental role when choosing which martial art to practice. For children , for example, the best options are disciplines such as taekwondo or karate , which allow children to better understand their bodies, learn values such as respect and discipline; In addition, they help improve their behavior.

Teenagers and young people can choose any martial art they want, since they are already able to control almost the entire body. However, disciplines such as aikido are recommended for adults and older adults, since it is based on the use of the hands for defense .

What are your goals?

Before choosing which martial art to practice , ask yourself what your goals are, what you want to achieve with the practice. If what you are looking for is self- defense , activities to lose weight or help reduce stress . Without a doubt, you will find a martial art that suits your needs.

What is your physical condition?

Be realistic, to practice certain martial arts you require greater physical resistance , strength, power and flexibility. But this does not mean that you have to enroll with prior training and knowing how to do certain things, but it does mean that you will have to make an effort and train a lot to be able to improve and acquire the characteristics that each discipline requires.

It is important to arrive with a minimum of physical preparation , since training on the tatami and in the ring requires intense sessions that can easily wear you down. You should also take into account previous injuries , if any. The fact that you have a knee injury, for example, does not mean that you cannot practice a martial art, simply look for those that do not require as much contact or high levels of intensity.