This is the Paleo diet and the routine of actor Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo is the reference of many, both for his brilliant performances in action films and for his physical work. At 56 years old, he still sports firm muscles, and in large part it is due to his paleo diet.

If we really wanted to see ourselves perform the same as Frank, we should review the foods we eat, opt for daily vitamins, and a high-performance training routine. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Purge actor undergoes daily sessions of swimming, boxing, strength and stretching. Therefore, diet is extremely important.

A few days ago, Frank Grillo appeared on Men’s Health’s YouTube channel to discuss his daily supplement routine, an inside look at what’s allowed in his fridge, as well as what will stay in check forever.

Foods allowed on Frank Grillo’s paleo diet

The paleo diet is characterized by choosing nutrient-dense foods that are high in protein and fat . For that reason, the foods found in Grillo’s fridge are all organic , from his salad dressings to the coffee he drinks. Grillo drinks Bulletproof coffee, a type of high-fat keto drink meant to make us feel more satiated. One cup of Bulletproof coffee contains 25 grams of fat (21 grams of which are saturated). Basically, it saturates your body with fat and keeps you full for six to eight hours.

When it comes to whole foods, the actor’s fridge is adorned with lean meats (eg, turkey, grass-fed beef), eggs , vegetables (Frank has a higher affinity for arugula), and pancake mix. The video shows several tubs of ice cream, fried shrimp and waffles in Grillo’s freezer, which is one way to keep his two teenage sons, ages 15 and 17, happy. Soft drinks are not allowed in your home, except on special occasions like going out with your youngest child.

As for daily vitamins , the actor takes Vitamin D, CoQ10 and turmeric. Cricket says he tends to get a bit inflamed from how hard he trains, so take turmeric to combat that.

frank grillo entrenando con dieta paleo

Fitness training after 50

Frank Grillo prefers to train in the morning and on an empty stomach (aside from Bulletproof coffee). His warm-up routine consists of three rounds of shadow boxing followed by a few rounds in a bag of water, a variant of a heavy bag filled with water instead of sand. For additional cardio he includes swimming in his pool.

Resistance training has been a part of Grillo’s life since he was a child. At age 10, his parents bought him a set of dumbbells. He says he has always been diet conscious to strive for a certain aesthetic. Judging by his current appearance at 56, that “toned” aesthetic comprises lean muscles with a lot of mobility work on a stability ball.

Despite his affinity for high-capacity work out in the gym, through boxing, swimming, and squats and deadlifts, the actor claims he’s not a fan of CrossFit training.