This is how you can avoid sweating and its annoying spots

With good weather comes sweat, although to be honest, sweat is a physiological response that exists every day of our life, only it is more visible in hot times and climates. Sweat is called perspiration and its function is to keep the body cool.

The body’s average temperature is between 36 and 37 degrees, so when it rises above that temperature, sweating arises, and if we get below 36 there could be hypothermia problems.

There is no miraculous method to avoid sweating, but there are resources to mitigate it, and above all to avoid those annoying sweat stains on clothes that make us look ridiculous in public presentations.

Before entering the bulk of the article, we must comment that there is a disease called hyperhidrosis and it is a disorder that causes discomfort, favors infections and in some cases triggers psychological problems due to the shame of exposing ourselves.

In that case there are treatments, so if we believe that our sweating level is above what is considered normal, we must go to a specialist before trying to cure it ourselves, self-medicate or try home remedies that can put our health at risk.

Un hombre sudando con camiseta de tirantes

Tips to avoid sweating

There are a number of factors that lead to sweating, stains, and odor. Very few people know that sweat in itself does not smell like anything, since it is salty water that our body expels. What makes it smell bad are the bacteria and dirt on our skin.


Hair accumulates bacteria, however clean and neat we are, the moisture from the sweat in our armpits is a breeding ground for bacteria. When waxing, especially the armpits, we eliminate the part of the smell. No hair, sweat evaporates and leaves no odor. In addition, deodorants have a greater effect on a hairless armpit than on one with hair.

Wash with soap

The armpits are an area that is always, or almost always, covered, either with clothes or with the arm, so the skin breathes there is scarce. We must wash very well with neutral soap (no perfumes) to eliminate bacteria in that area and dry the skin.

It is very important that there are no traces of soap, and it is also very important that the soap is neutral, since scented ones make us sweat more and the mixture of odors is very unpleasant.

Breathable clothing

If we know that we tend to sweat a lot, it is important to wear breathable clothing and footwear and opt for organic fabrics such as cotton and stay away from lycra and the like. In addition, you should avoid tight clothing (body temperature rises) and thick garments or synthetic fabric (they do not perspire so much).

Do not use normal deodorant, but an anti breathable one

What deodorants do is camouflage the smell of sweat, however, those deodorant-type products that are anti-breathable, what they will do is reduce the amount of sweating thanks to compounds such as zinc or aluminum.

Un hombre bebe agua mientras se seca el sudor con una toalla

Drink a lot of water

There is a false belief on the Internet that it is better to go thirsty to avoid sweating, but it is not correct. Dehydration causes cognitive failure, headache, dizziness, and other consequences.

Stay hydrated in code. Drinking water promotes hydration and regulates body temperature . Also, an important fact, all drinks must be at room temperature whether sweating is a problem for us or not.

Why? Because when drinking something that creates a contrast in the body, it must make a very large energy expenditure to regulate body temperature. For this reason, in summer, when we drink very cold water, we feel much warmer after a few minutes than before drinking it.

Balance diet

Food is key to everything in life, so sweating was not going to be less. We must avoid foods that alter us such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate, industrial pastries (high concentration of sugar), energy drinks, energy teas, and the like.

You have to opt for a varied and balanced diet, full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetables and greens. Also, to combat sweating, it is best not to drink anything spicy or hot.

Do exercise

In cases of extreme sweating, especially in the hands, exercising helps regulate the nervous system . In case of extreme sweating, it is better to consult a specialist and follow their advice to improve our quality of life.

Avoid stress

The states of nervousness and anxiety cause sweating to increase , no matter if we are in winter or summer. This is why we must always be calm and with a positive attitude. Perhaps practicing yoga or Pilates can help us de-stress and control our sweating.

Avoid sweat stains on clothes

Beyond wearing loose clothing and avoiding certain solid colors such as light gray, light pink or light blue and opting for dark patterns and colors , there are other tips and remedies to avoid sweat stains on our clothes.

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There are some accessories that are placed on clothing and are shaped like a compress. This fabric stays attached to the garment, and the absorbent layer adheres to our armpits when there is moisture . In this way, all sweat is collected discreetly, avoiding stains and sweat rings, and even avoiding bad odor.

Undershirt whenever possible

Whenever we can, we should wear undershirts. This trick is very old and, in fact, it is the most widespread whether we have a lot of sweating or not. This shirt acts as the first barrier against perspiration , thus we avoid uncomfortable stains and fences that give a bad image.

Wipes to wipe sweat from time to time

We can use normal baby wipes to clean face and hands, or we can look for ones that have anti-breathable ingredients. It will be like this when we will do 2 × 1, that is, we clean the area and in turn reinforce the effect of the anti-breathable deodorant.