Things you didn't know about the keto diet

The keto diet is a type of diet that is well known and widespread throughout the world that prioritizes fats and proteins and reduces carbohydrates. This diet is also known as ketogenic and has been around for many years now, and today curiosities about the keto diet continue to emerge, and that is what we are here to tell about today.

The keto diet has been studied in numerous universities and supported by many scientific studies , however, the purpose was not to be a diet for everyone with which to lose weight in a short time, but rather that it was created with a specific objective that we will learn about in curiosities. of the keto diet.

Currently there are dozens of diets, from miracle diets that are super dangerous, to personalized diets adapted to each person. We always recommend going to a professional, and forgetting to follow the advice of friends or gurus who promise to lose X kilos in X days.

We also recommend not taking substitute foods but going directly to the original food, as well as following a varied, ample, balanced diet, far from trans fats, sugars, industrial pastries, etc. With the ketogenic diet , certain problems such as insomnia and bad breath can arise, but everything has a solution.

Keto diet curiosities

Un ejemplo de dieta keto

There are always data and curiosities that we do not know, even if it is something we take or use daily. Today it was the turn of the keto diet and we are going to see its best curiosities:

  • The keto diet was a solution for children with epilepsy in their 20s and 30s . Its existence was proven by various scientific studies.
  • It was invented by Russell M. Wilder in 1921 and is popularly known as the ketogenic diet.
  • This diet creates situations of ketosis (excess ketones in the blood), simulating intermittent fasting. In other words, the body’s fat is burned.
  • The maximum time for this diet is 3 uninterrupted months.
  • Not everyone can do it, that is, those who have diabetes or obesity are not recommended to follow a ketogenic diet.
  • It is best to be under medical supervision for optimal results.
  • Fortunately, it does not cause loss of muscle mass , unlike other diets such as low-calorie ones.
  • The keto diet is currently being studied to improve academic performance or to aid addictions.
  • It does not cause kidney or liver damage.
  • It is a very efficient diet when it comes to eliminating localized fat such as abdominal fat.
  • Following this diet causes high self-esteem and euphoria effects, which helps to continue the treatment, unlike other diets in which we do not see results and we collapse quickly.

When it comes to food and health, special care must be taken, and before starting a diet as specific as this one where carbohydrates are reduced and the intake of fats and proteins is increased, this can worsen our health. This is why we emphasize consulting a nutrition and health specialist or our trusted doctor beforehand.