These are the reasons why you should do Zumba

Zumba has been with us for several decades and a few years ago it had its worldwide boom. To this day, it is still popular and continues to arouse curiosity, that is why we want to uncover the main benefits that we obtain by practicing this sport so cheerful, simple and suitable for everyone, large, small men and women.

We believe that there is no one today who does not know what Zumba is. There may be those who have never practiced it, but surely we all know what the word zumba refers to. Well, throughout this text, we are going to discover all the good that this sport does to our organism and our brain.

We have already anticipated that it is a sport that men and women can practice, it is even suitable for all ages. We will understand this when we see the benefits of doing Zumba several times a week.

Who Invented Zumba?

There is always someone who seems to have a very crazy idea and suddenly that madness becomes reality and triumphs. Thus began social networks and hundreds of thousands of companies. Well, the same with zumba.

The creator of this dance is a Colombian named Alberto Pérez , better known as Beto and is a choreographer and dancer. He said in an interview with EFE that the secret of his success is that it is an easy, fun and effective sport.

He decided to transform the boring gym routine into a dance floor, and little by little he perfected his technique until he created the zumba. A very complete sport that, through mainly Latin music, a series of choreographies and dances are performed in which we move the whole body.

Benefits of zumba

From the beginning of the text, we have made it clear that doing Zumba is good for our health, but we have not given the reasons why we reached that conclusion. The time has come, we are going to tell you what are the main benefits of doing zumba.

Improve coordination

Dancing and moving sports help improve coordination, which is why it is so important for young children to dance and do sports like karate or taekwondo.

Returning to adult life, practicing Zumba with a certain frequency helps to improve coordination, since Zumba is a sporting activity that makes us be in constant movement and as we are choreographed we have to move our whole body and make movements where our feet and hands They do not go in unison, but sometimes each one goes with a movement and in a different direction.

Un ejemplo de clase de zumba

Increase stamina

If we are looking for a tough sport that keeps us active and with which we do not rest even 5 minutes, then Zumba is our best option. It is a high intensity sports practice where through dances and choreography we increase the resistance that we will later use in our day to day life.

We will feel more capable and our body will be looser and more prepared to face obstacles such as, for example, running with our child, having more agility for housework, walking faster, sprinting to reach the bus or subway, etc.

Release stress and lose weight

Between the music, the spirit that is lived in these classes, the movements, the positive words and encouragement that the instructors send out and the fact of being exercising, we manage to get rid of the stress of the day to day.

Zumba is a very dynamic activity, and that constant movement helps us lose calories and lose weight. With an hour of Zumba we spend between 350 and 680 calories.

Remember that, to lose weight , we have to eat a balanced, varied and healthy diet. It is not about dieting and suffering, it is about eating well with fresh and healthy products.

We tone the body

Although they only seem like choreography and dances, but without realizing it we are toning our body through squats, jumps, raising and lowering arms and legs, the constant steps we take, etc. There are those who put on sand weights and use 1 kilo or half kilo dumbbells to increase their calorie expenditure, their physical effort and improve their tone.

We are in constant movement and we manage to get all the muscle groups in shape. We can combine Zumba with other sports routines such as going to the gym, swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.

We improve flexibility

With this sport practice we manage to improve our flexibility. This is far more important than we can come to believe. Flexibility and coordination are two important aspects when we reach old age. If they are not practiced, they atrophy and we gradually lose mobility.

If we feel stiff, with the Zumba classes, we will notice how our body is loosening little by little . We can combine it with yoga or Pilates or ask for a stretching table at the gym. Many people use zumba to correct bad posture, hence we recommend combining it with other sports.

Una mujer en una clase de zumba

Emotional well-being

It has been shown that physical exercise and especially dances, dances and all kinds of choreography, increase self-esteem, release endorphins and calm our anxiety. Zumba are dances with happy and lively music that we repeat from our coach.

We may at first look like a duck that doesn’t take a single step well, but in Zumba there is no contest of who does it better, we just have to do the dances, keep our bodies active and go home with a smile in our ear. to ear .

Improves circulation and increases oxygenation

By being in motion, we improve circulation and, therefore, oxygenation of the body is increased, reaching all corners of our body. This improves functions, makes the brain more clear and can work better, even improving memory; our heart will pump blood faster; our lungs work harder and better, etc.

With zumba, the cardiovascular system is mainly improved , this is why many people enter, because it is a way of doing cardio without “suffering” too much and without getting bored.

Who can’t do zumba?

With Zumba, as with any other sport, a series of contraindications and precautions must be taken into account that, if not followed, we can suffer health problems, pain, serious injuries, etc.

People who are overweight should not practice Zumba, or at least not at a high level, as their joints could be seriously affected. If zumba is not practiced well, it can lead to falls, sprains, cramps, muscle tears, plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis, knee injuries, etc.

In addition, if we suffer from a heart disease or respiratory failure , it is not advisable to carry out this type of physical effort either. As well as if we previously have a back problem that is not suitable for impact sports or with turns and movements we look for, such as zumba.

If we don’t like noisy classes with lots of people, then let’s not go into a Zumba room, as the music is usually very loud and everyone is talking loudly. In that case, we are interested in other sports, or practicing Zumba in the privacy of our home where there will be no excessive noise or crowds.