These are the best toothbrushes for kids

Oral hygiene is of vital importance in all stages of life, especially in the early stages of learning, which is where we begin to copy habits and forge our personality. A child must have proper oral hygiene before his first tooth comes out, so today we are going to collect the best toothbrushes for children.

How is the perfect children’s toothbrush

Choosing a brush from among the hundreds of thousands of children’s toothbrushes on the market (physical stores and online) is quite an odyssey, that is why we have proposed to facilitate the search so that our child receives a good oral cleaning, always under the supervision of an adult and, of course, arm ourselves with A LOT of patience.

The first days will be tantrums, brushes on the floor, crying, retching, anger and such. It is essential that they see in us the example of what to do: after each meal, brushing.

Let’s try to explain it by getting at his height (getting on our knees or sitting in a small chair), and letting him interact with our toothbrush, taste the paste, touch it, know what it feels like when the brush is on his skin, etc.

The most important thing when choosing a children’s toothbrush is to look at the handle. This must be wide, ergonomic and non-slip . There are them with sounds, lights and with pictures of your favorite characters.

Tying for first place for relevance is the head, which is what will make our son clean his teeth. This area must be rounded without hard plastic, but silicone if possible, with extra soft bristles or even rubber if it is for less than 6 months of age.

Best children’s toothbrushes

Choosing a toothbrush for children is not an easy task, since the market is oversaturated with options, but that is not synonymous with any work. We are going to crumble the ones that we would buy for our children:

Canpol Babies

Un cepillo de dientes para bebés

It is a toothbrush for babies, more specifically a finger brush, that is, we place that “glove” shaped like a toothbrush on our index or middle finger (or the one we feel most comfortable with), We introduce it inside the baby’s mouth and clean his gums and his first little teeth.

This toothbrush is indicated from 0 to 6 months , from that date, the child should already become familiar with the fact of washing the teeth after meals, in addition the first teeth are already out from 6 or 8 months.

Canpol Babies
Canpol Babies Canpol Babies Canpol Babies Canpol Babies



Mam Baby’S Brush

Un cepillo dental para niños de 6 meses

It is one of the thousands of children’s toothbrushes on the market, and this one in particular is for use from 6 months of age . Just when the first baby teeth start to appear.

A brush with a wide and ergonomic handle, with an anti-choking safety system, free of BPA, extra soft fibers that do not damage the gums, but they do manage to clean all the little teeth of our child, since it has bristles of different heights so it is promises effective cleaning of all dental gaps.

Mam Baby’S Brush
Mam BabyMam BabyMam BabyMam Baby



Chicco – Dental Set

Un set dental de la marca Chicco para mayores de 6 meses

It is a Chicco brand dental hygiene set perfect for our son to carry in his suitcase when he is away from home, at daycare or wherever. In this oral cleaning set you have to differentiate two things, on the one hand, the toothbrush is from 6 months , however, the toothpaste contains fluoride so it is recommended from 1 year of age .

The brushes are also sold separately in different colors, but we wanted to propose this set, because we find it very attractive for children to get involved in the oral hygiene routine.

Here we have fine, non-slip and ergonomic stain, wide and rounded head with tapered, ultra-fine and extra-soft bristles.

Chicco – Dental Set
Chicco - Set dental Chicco - Set dental Chicco - Set dental Chicco - Set dental Chicco - Set dental Chicco - Set dental



Jordan toothbrush

Un cepillo dental para niños de la amrca Jordan

A brush with a very unique appearance since it is adapted to the age ranging from 0 years to 2 years old . The bristles are soft and the handle is adapted for those early stages of growth and development where the little ones are learning to grasp things.

To be honest, we do not recommend it from 0 months, for that better the option of the finger brush. We recommend this brush from one year of age to 2 years starting later, with a brush more accommodated to a mouth that is beginning to have several teeth.

Jordan children’s toothbrush
Jordan cepillo dental para niños Jordan cepillo dental para niños Jordan cepillo dental para niños Jordan cepillo dental para niños



Jordan Step 2

Cepillos de dientes para niños con dibujitos

We repeat the brand and it deserves it, since these children’s toothbrushes go in phases. These that we are recommending now are from 3 years old that there are already enough teeth up and down. Our son can use it up to 5 years, but remember that toothbrushes are changed every 3 months, and even have to be changed after a cold, flu, or oral problem.

These brushes have soft bristles, an ergonomic handle perfectly adapted for that age range, BPA free, travel cover is included, the bristles have two sizes to reach any gap, in addition, the central color of the bristles helps to guide the child to know where and how much toothpaste to use.

Jordan Step 2
Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2 Jordan Step 2



Oral-B Junior (electric toothbrush)

Oral B Junior cepillos de dientes para niños

We put aside manual brushes, which are the most suitable for children under 7 years old, and we embark on a new world. At this point, it is best to consult a specialist if our child’s mouth is suitable for using an electric toothbrush or not.

Children’s toothbrushes are usually manual because they are still learning the habit of cleaning their mouths and they must also learn to maintain the rub, the time, the rhythm, the movements, the intensity, etc. An electric toothbrush deprives them of all that teaching, but on the other hand, if done right, it is usually a more thorough and effective cleaning .

Oral-B Junior
Oral-B Junior Oral-B Junior Oral-B Junior Oral-B Junior Oral-B Junior