These are Pans & Company's vegan options

Vegan options proliferate throughout the world, so it is not surprising that fast food chains are encouraged to improve and change their menu options. The vast majority of fast food chains have 100% vegan options, as is the case with Pans & Company. Let’s go over your veggies and vegans options to find out what to order before we sit down at the table.

At Pans & Company we have more than 10 vegan options and several more vegetarian options, but today we are going to focus on those that are 100% vegan. And by that we mean vegan bread and vegan sauces, included.

Vegetarian options can be more or less extensive depending on the type of vegetarian we are. Remember that a strict vegetarian is the same as a vegan, so there are no foods of animal origin on their menu, no eggs, no milk, no honey, and no possible traces of any of that.

However, within vegetarianism or vegetarian diet, there are several subtypes, from those who eat fish, to those who eat eggs, and even those who eat milk, or milk and eggs. There is a sandwich for everyone at Pans & Company, we just have to look at the menu and ask questions.

Among the vegan options of Pans and Company there is a lot of variety from the hand of Heura and Violife cheese , as well as other fresh vegetable ingredients such as arugula, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, onion, etc.

Many times we put our hands in our heads when people who are not vegan or vegetarian think that we eat only lettuce and tomato, when in reality we have a paradise at our feet. The other joke is told on its own, when we order a vegetable sandwich and it has normal mayonnaise and tuna, but it is not the case of Pans and Company with their Veggies and Vegans.

100% vegan sandwiches

Within the wide catalog of Pan & Company, we have up to 5 100% vegan sandwiches. There was some controversy with the bread from this company, since they used fish oil for its preparation, but after a small adjustment, now the bread from Pan & Company for vegan sandwiches is also 100% plant based.

Opciones veganas en Pans & Company

Heura Classic

It is the classic Pans sandwich in a vegan version. Instead of having chicken, it has Heura, which is a soy-based preparation that looks like chicken strips, low in fat, in salt, and made with olive oil.

This sandwich has a crunchy toast with Heura, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayonnaise sauce . If we eat this whole sandwich, we are consuming 542.71 kilocalories, 23.75 grams of fat (of which saturated fatty acids 2.49 grams), 56.95 grams of carbohydrates (of which 3.91 grams are sugars), 25.3 grams of protein and 2.76 grams of salt.

Crispy Heura

Another great classic in its most vegan version. Here we find a crispy baguette bread filled with Heura Nuggets, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, crunchy onion, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise sauce , both are vegan.

A perfect sandwich for lovers of crunchy bites, although not so much for those who love healthy. If we eat this whole sandwich we add 524.13 kilocalories, 24.53 grams of fat (of which saturated fatty acids are 4.13 grams), 64.05 grams of carbohydrates (of which 9.51 grams are sugars ), 11.8 grams of protein and 2.24 grams of salt.

Heura vegan cheese

This vegan sandwich is very special, since it uses a bread called Gran Reserva, Heura bites, roasted onion, roasted mushrooms and vegan Violife cheese . A crunchy and tasty sandwich, suitable for cheese lovers, but without introducing foods of animal origin in their food.

Here we have very average energy values of all the above with 598.64 kilocalories, 23.23 grams of fat (of which 10.26 grams are saturated fatty acids), 69.65 grams of carbohydrates (of which which 1.77 grams are sugars), 27.75 grams of protein and 3.95 grams of salt.

Bocadillos veganos en Pans and Company

Vegan pesto mozza

This is one of the best vegan options from Pans and Company, since it is very light and easy to digest, although in our opinion it is missing something, since it only has seed bread, vegan Violife cheese, green pesto, arugula and semi-dry tomato . It’s a tasty combination, but perhaps a little more seasoning is missing.

If we eat it whole, we must know that it has 529.47 kilocalories, 28.01 grams of fat (of which 14.54 grams are saturated fatty acids), 58.85 grams of carbohydrates (of which 3.13 grams of fat

Heura guacamole

This sandwich is very special, as it has a tasty seeded bread, cream guacamole, strips of Heura country mix sauce, tomato slices, tender lettuce leaves and black sesame . A mixture of flavors and many nutrients thanks to the seeded bread and guacamole (avocado sauce).

The energy value of this bread is 513.57 kilocalories, 20.69 grams of fat (of which 3.69 grams are saturated fatty acids), 55.84 grams of carbohydrates (of which 2.99 grams are sugar ) 26.02 grams of protein and 2.81 grams of salt.

100% vegan salads

When it comes to vegan or vegetarian diet, many believe that we only eat lettuce and tomato, but we have already seen everything we have at our fingertips and without leaving Pans and Company. Something similar happens with other large fast food chains.

Vegan quinoa salad

These are other of the vegan options of Pans and Company and that we have available in any of the restaurants that the company has throughout the national territory. Here we see a classic salad with a mix of lettuce and lamb’s lettuce, Heura strips, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, sweet corn and a touch of black sesame .

This salad provides 189.27 kilocalories, 5.62 grams of fat (of which 0.78 grams are saturated fatty acids), 21.45 grams of carbohydrates (of which 5.3 are sugars), 13, 22 grams of protein and 0.66 grams of salt.

Ensalada de pasta vegana de Pans and Company

Vegan pasta salad

If there is a classic salad, simple to make, quick and tasty, that is the pasta salad. In this case it is the vegan version and what Pans & Company presents is a salad with a country mix, tri-color pasta spirals, vegan Violife cheese, dried tomato and oregano .

The energy values of this vegan salad are 385.07 kilocalories, 17.15 grams of fat (of which 12.67 grams are saturated fat), 48.2 grams of carbohydrates (of which 2.17 grams are sugars ), 9.48 grams of protein and 1.63 grams of salt.

Vegan crispy caesar salad

One of Pans and Company’s vegan options most valued by the public, although it is not a very healthy option to order very often. In this salad we have country mix, Heura canons Nuggets, vegan Violife cheese, cherry tomatoes and croutons (crunchy bread cubes).

The surprising thing is that it is not a salad as caloric as expected, since it has 235 kilocalories, 15.33 grams of fat (of which 9.16 grams are saturated), 21.17 grams of carbohydrates (of which 0.58 grams are sugar), 3.09 grams of protein and 1.33 grams of salt.

Mediterranean vegan salad

A very typical salad in Spain, but in its vegan version. It has a mix of lettuce and lamb’s lettuce, Heura strips, sweet corn, cherry tomato, roasted peppers and green olives . Very complete and nutritious, perfect for a quick snack before getting on a train, for example.

The energy values of this vegan salad are 123 kilocalories, 4.95 grams of fat (of which 0.78 grams are saturated), 9.81 grams of carbohydrates (of which 3.3 grams are sugar), 9 , 92 grams of protein and 0.99 grams of salt.