The ultimate HIIT workout for running

The times of running on the treadmill until you are exhausted are over. Scientific advances have shown that less is more when it comes to improving metabolism. In recent times interval training has become very famous, surely you have heard about HIIT and how beneficial it can be for your body. But do you really know what it’s about? This time we bring you the newest HIIT training for running; Although if you are not a runner , you should also be encouraged to try it, you will not regret it!

Interval training brings numerous benefits to improve your physical condition, cardiovascular health and accelerate your metabolism , among many other things; This happens because it improves the body’s ability to oxidize glucose and fat. One of the advantages of HIIT is that it can be much more fun than jogging for hours, not forgetting that it is much more effective . This may be because it consists of doing a great workout in much less time than traditional training systems.

rutina HIIT para running

We must take into account that for this to take effect and help you achieve your goals, you will have to challenge yourself more and more. The success of this training will depend directly on what you demand of yourself, breaking your barriers and leaving your comfort zone . Interval training won’t work if you don’t get out of breath at the end of each interval.

A group of researchers in Denmark has devised a new concept of training for runners that increases health and performance by reducing the amount of work time. If you want to make sure you do things right and get the best results, here are the latest HIIT training for running .

10-20-30 interval training

It’s simple, first you warm up with your favorite activity and then start the routine: you jog for 30 seconds at a comfortable speed, then you press the pace for 20 seconds and finally you run the maximum possible distance in 10 seconds. Repeat that workout 4 more times. Rest 2 minutes walking slowly. Repeat the 5 cycles of 10-20-30 HIIT . Do the cool-down routine that suits you best. And ready! What do you think of all that you worked in just 12 minutes?

Without a doubt, this workout will be more popular than the 45 minutes on the treadmill or the stair climber. This accelerated training is giving a lot to talk about, and positive! The heart benefits are great , and the fat loss is quite remarkable. Researchers who have been studying it have been surprised to see how it has an excellent impact on the health profile of athletes, even taking into account that many of them have been running for years.

10-20-30 entrenamiento HIIT para running

Athletes improved running performance, a significant decrease in blood pressure, and a reduction in blood cholesterol levels . In addition, they found that the emotional stress of the athletes who performed this training was significantly reduced compared to those who maintain their traditional training. These results were obtained from a recovery-stress questionnaire applied before and after 7 weeks of training.

Although this system is designed for runners , it can be easily adapted for other people with less conditions or even used with gym machines. For example, on the stationary bike, start for 30 seconds at a slow pace, 20 seconds at a moderate pace, and 10 seconds as fast as you can. Repeat 4 more times and rest 2 minutes. You can also use the treadmill, the stair climber, or even the jump rope. Just keep the ratio 10-20-30 seconds and the 2 minute rest for each cycle.

cómo sacar el máximo provecho del HIIT


Almost all modern trainers agree that HIIT is one of the best ways to burn fat without sacrificing muscle. For running , this routine is ideal, take advantage of it to achieve your goals. It is important that the training lasts 12 minutes, plus the warm-up and cool-down time, of course. If you want to add some difficulty to it, add one more round to it. You can play around with the warm-up and cool-down to do whatever you prefer, this workout is perfect as cardio. And remember, in HIIT, less is more; Do this routine 3 times a week and it will be enough.


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