The snack that can help you build muscle while you sleep

In a diet, especially if you are an athlete and looking to build muscle mass, there is nothing more fundamental than getting enough protein, in this way you can improve your performance. In addition, it is essential for building and maintaining your muscles and it also helps boost your immune system.

If you are already making sure you get the necessary nutrients at each meal, it is also good for your body to get some benefits from having a protein-packed snack, especially in the evening. Therefore, discover what is the snack that can help you build muscle while you sleep .

Snack para construir músculo

The best snack to build muscle overnight

In one study, researchers recruited 10 active women in their early 20s who ate a cup of cottage cheese (with 30 g protein and 0% fat), casein protein (30 grams), or a non-caloric placebo per the night about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. They then measured their resting energy expenditure, or how many calories they burned while sleeping, when they woke up the next morning.

It was found that people who consumed cottage cheese before sleeping had the same energy expenditure at rest as those who consumed casein protein (Leyh, Willingham, Baur, Panton & Ormsbee, 2018). This shows that a food like cottage cheese has the same benefits as a concentrated milk protein source. These benefits range from a potential improvement in strength and metabolism to overall health.

El mejor snacj para construir proteína por la noche

Benefits of taking protein before bed

A study conducted in the Netherlands found that consuming protein before bed can help improve post-exercise recovery by increasing protein synthesis and improving net protein balance. (Res et al., 2012).

Although this study only looked at fit and active women in their 20s, they are not the only population that can benefit from protein consumption before bed. The lab led by Luc Van Loon, professor of physiology at Maastricht University and author of the previous study, has data from both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

For its part, the laboratory of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine is investigating other foods and longer-term studies, to see if other foods have similar benefits, but for now, you know if you want something more substantial than a simple shake of protein, you should eat cottage cheese.

El requesón te ayuda a construir músculo


With the help of this snack you will be able to develop your muscles and improve your energy at bedtime, this will help you to perform better during the next challenge and you will be able to compete without problems.


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