The Lev diet: is it a safe method to lose weight?

Surely we have heard or read about the Lev diet. It is a feeding process divided into several phases and patented by a company. The Lev method helps us lose weight, but it is not the most effective and healthiest method. We explain everything about Lev.

Losing weight suddenly is bad for the body. Sudden changes are not good for anything or anyone, that is why experts in nutrition and medicine always recommend making gradual changes with our body, both in mental processes such as job changes, duels and the like, such as training in the gym and with food.

We say this because the Lev diet or Lev method is a planning of our diet patented and registered by a company. Under the slogan of The nutrition of the experts, they sell food plans with products (food) of all kinds to achieve the goal of losing weight . Let’s see what’s good and bad about all this.

What is?

Lev, in this case, is not the currency of Bulgaria, nor does it mean lion from the Slavic. Lev is a feeding method patented by a company and personalized for each case. It is a diet with which we can lose weight in a few weeks and achieve that physical goal that we so long for.

From Lev, they report that it is a plan adapted to each person to lose weight at their own pace. They also indicate that they help lose weight without losing muscle mass and without gaining flaccidity . The latter is somewhat complicated if it is not done together with a good training plan.

In turn, from Lev they comment that good eating habits are taught. We do not doubt it, since it is possible to see in the phases what foods are allowed, but that collides with reality and that is that it is a method where processed and ultra-processed foods low in carbohydrates, rich in proteins (milk, soy, alfalfa and egg white) and with artificially added flavors and textures using industrial techniques.

To all this, the intake of food supplements is added to be able to maintain ourselves at 100% during the duration of the diet, since we will lose a lot of weight in a short time and the food that they will give us may not be enough for our state of health.

To give us an idea, so far, vegetables, number of meals, good lifestyle habits, sports, etc. have not been mentioned. It is only mentioned that they are going to sell us products that we will have to buy yes or yes, if we want to comply with the regimen, lose weight and obtain the supposed benefits of Lev.


The Lev method, as can be seen on its website and on its social networks, consists of 4 phases and they are as follows:

  • Phase 1: Express weight loss arrives, and it is an indefinite period of time, since each person reaches it in a different period. This is achieved with the readaptation of the traditional diet, increased hydration and Lev products, apart from the dietary supplements also from Lev.
  • Phase 2: progressive weight loss, that is, we continue to lose weight, but we can now introduce real foods such as lean meats and oily fish, while decreasing the consumption of food Lev. In this phase, review appointments are free and every 10 days.
  • Phase 3: Sport is introduced on a regular basis, other fresh foods such as fruit and dairy are introduced, and appointments continue to be free every 10 days.
  • Phase 4: is the maintenance phase. Rebound must be avoided and for this, the company will “advise” us to continue with Lev foods, food supplements and review appointments every 10 days so as “not to lose motivation”. Here we return to the traditional complete diet, but if we do not want to gain weight, we will have to continue with a Lev diet, or have a healthy diet + daily sports and not place our trust in false diets.

Una mujer comiendo ensalada

Is it suitable for all ages?

No , it is only recommended for healthy people and not with a tendency to anemia, or with health problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. It is a radical change in a few weeks, and we can suffer from nutritional deficiencies, which is why it is only recommended for healthy people. This information does not appear on its website, but after the investigation, it is the conclusion that we draw and what we recommend.

Although we really recommend fleeing from miracle diets, and even more so from those that sell us substitute products instead of advocating helping to re-educate the patient with a healthy and varied diet + sports, and not treating it like a money ATM.

If we look at the fourth phase, there will be many patients who are afraid of going back to the beginning and gaining weight , after the emotional, mental, physical and economic effort they have made. This can generate rejection towards traditional food in many people, and therefore they would prefer to feed artificially with Lev supplements.

allowed foods

The Lev diet allows quality dairy, vegetables, fruits and lean meats, as well as oily fish. But above all, the consumption of its Lev foods is allowed, which are prepared based on soy, egg white and alfalfa and obtain the pleasant flavors and textures through industrial processing. Which are ultra-processed loaded with additives, dyes, artificial flavors and others.

As we have already mentioned, the foods allowed in a healthy diet are vegetables, eggs, quality dairy products, lean meats, oily fish and seeds, legumes and fruits. An amalgam of foods that allows us to create different menus every day to achieve all the vitamins, minerals and others that our body needs, apart from carbohydrates (which are converted into energy), healthy fats, sugars, salts, fatty acids, etc. .

Disadvantages of this diet

Miracle diets exist and surround us. It seems that, with the arrival of good habits, such as exercise and different approaches to healthy eating, this type of diet based on processed and ultra-processed products manipulated so that they do not have fats or carbohydrates had gone into the background… but not . they are still among us and we do not realize the risk they pose to the physical and mental health of thousands of people around the world.

The important thing is not to lose weight, it is the physical and mental health of each person. In the same way that we are not all 1.75 meters tall and fit for models, we do not all have to achieve the same goal. Beauty standards must break chains and stereotypes, both in women and men.

The fear of gaining weight creates eating disorders , at which point serious health problems begin. You should not be afraid to eat, because of the consequences of gaining fat. What you have to do is create healthy eating habits, through a healthy, varied and nutrient-rich diet.

If we accompany this with moderate physical activity at least 3 times a week, the results may take longer to appear, but the process will be healthier for our body and mind. Apart from much cheaper than paying for ultra-processed food manipulated to achieve our weight goal.

The key is to internalize healthy lifestyle habits, since diets like Lev and others should not be maintained too long in order not to suffer the rebound effect. If we maintain a balanced diet and good lifestyle habits such as not smoking and playing sports, the positive results will remain constant over time and will have a positive impact on our long-term health, even delaying Alzheimer’s and preventing cancer.