The Definitive Guide to Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation

Today, hyaluronic acid supplements have become a fad because it is believed that they can benefit joint health. With this new trend, supplements containing chondroitin, which until now had been the most common, have been left behind. However, that they are fashionable does not mean that they are really effective.

Find out what hyaluronic acid is, what are its benefits, what is the clinically recommended daily dose and its side effects.

Guía completa de los suplementos de ácido hialurónico

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule of the glycosaminoglycan type that can be found naturally in our body. It is known for its physicochemical properties, which allow it to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, acting like a sponge.

In its beginnings, this particularity was what caused hyaluronic acid to be used exclusively in hydrogels, foams and creams.

¿Qué se entiende por ácido hialurónico?

3 benefits of hyaluronic acid

1. It can improve joint health

Hyaluronic acid injections improve joint function and movement in osteoarthritis patients. They even intervene in the regeneration of cartilage. However, although the injections are effective since the acid remains in the tissue longer, the oral route is another story.

A study conducted at the University of Tokyo proved that the consumption of 200 mg of hyaluronic acid alleviates the symptoms of knee arthritis, but the benefits are very small and the acid can be confused with other supplements (Tashiro et al., 2012). In that sense, more research is required to recommend hyaluronic acid supplements in the treatment of joint ailments .

El ácido hialurónico mejora la salud articular

2. Improves skin health

Research carried out by the University of Japan showed that consuming 120 mg of hyaluronic acid supplements for a period of 3 months slightly reduces wrinkles and increases the flexibility of the facial muscles (Oe et al., 2017). However, more evidence is still required to recommend hyaluronic acid supplements for skin health .

El ácido hialurónico mejora la salud de la piel

3. Reduces dry lips U

A study showed that applying a lip balm with hyaluronic acid for four weeks can be effective in reducing dryness of the lips, as well as increasing their volume (Makino, Tan, Qian, Babcock & Mehta, 2017).

El ácido hialurónico disminuye la resequedad de los labios

Recommended intake of hyaluronic acid

The impact of hyaluronic acid on joint health is low. However, you can take 60-200 mg orally as a supplement to a more powerful supplement.

In the case of using lipstick with hyaluronic acid, remember that it will only work if you have a high degree of exposure. In other words, you must apply it several times a day for up to 8 hours to be truly effective.

Ingesta diaria recomendada de ácido hialurónico


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule produced by the body, which can also be obtained through the consumption of supplements. It has potential benefits such as improving joint, skin, and lip health, but more research is still required to recommend its use. The positive is that, so far, no contraindications have been observed derived from its intake.

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