The 12 Best TV Series Every Millennial Girl Will Enjoy

Television has always managed to adapt to modern times. It seems that, at all times, proposals are made to capture our attention with new series and movies. For this reason, millennials also manage to find forms of entertainment in current television options . Whichever method you use, you can’t ignore these 12 TV series that every millennial girl will enjoy …

1. Pretty Little Liars, can you keep a secret?

Secrets, lies, betrayals and dangers is what you will find in this youth drama that will not stop intriguing you. A group of friends is devastated after the loss of one of their members, Alison DiLaurentis. The mysterious plot of the series begins after his death. When the others begin to be chased by “A”. Posing as Alison. A mystery that will envelop every millennial girl due to her twists in the plot. Without a doubt, a series that will be present in your head and you will not be able to stop asking yourself, Who could be “A”?

2. From the big city to the suburbs comes Subargatory

After Tessa Altman’s father got something in his room that would drive him completely crazy. He decides to take the 15-year-old millennial girl out of her apartment in New York, to move to the suburb. The new “perfect life” does not seem to please our Tessa. So, the story will go crazy. A super radical change that will teach you what it is like to adapt to a new life, so far from the usual. Full of moments of comedy and romance. You can’t stop watching Subargatory.

3. Two broke Girls: the reality of many millennials

This comedy will simply become one of your favorites from the first chapter. If something defines the collision between two worlds, it is Two Broke Girls, bringing together Max Black with Caroline Channing. One from poverty and the other from high society. Fate makes them waitresses in a cafeteria. With the idea of achieving his dream of creating his own cupcake company and emerging from eternal bankruptcy. The relationship of these two personalities is something that as a millennial girl, you will enjoy to the fullest. Surrounded by characters with whom you will not stop laughing, it will be one of your favorites.

4. A tribute to the GBT community with Faking It

Comedy and romance is what you will find in this ideal series for a millennial girl without prejudice. This series tells the story of Karma Ashcroft and Amy Raudenfeld. Two girls who have been friends forever. After being involved in confusion, everyone begins to believe that they are in a lesbian relationship. But this gives them what they have always been looking for, popularity. A series in which adolescent confusion and love affairs are the basis of the plot that you will totally enjoy.

5. The youth drama taken to another level in Gossip Girl

If a millennial girl loves something, it is to find out everything on the web. Gossip Girl, has that special ingredient for you to enjoy this story. Filled with elite teens, their darkest secrets and gossip. It tells us the life of a Manhattan blogger who is in charge of exposing everything she knows to the public eye. Loaded with love, family and financial conflicts, you will see the day-to-day life of a group of young billionaires. Where the drama will be the common denominator of the entire plot in this popular series.

6. Scream Queens, an epic tragicomedy

As strange as it may seem, this series makes death something funny and also very twisted. A tragedy that seems more to make you laugh, when in an ideal fraternity for all millennial girls murders begin to occur . With a mysterious killer on the loose, suspicions fall on everyone within the cast. The interesting thing is that despite its high content of humor in the arguments. Not knowing who the red devil is really stresses you out. Character who is committing all this madness. Dare to discover who is under the mask of evil.

7. Awkward … the weirdest millennial girl

School bullying takes a different turn in this comedy from the strangest millennial girl on tv. Jenna Hamilton’s life totally changes after receiving a terrible note and experiencing a strange accident . In the eyes of all, Jenna tried to commit suicide, but this gives her a strange recognition among her peers. You start to deal with the pressure of something you didn’t really do. Fight with your love life at the same time. A twisted comedy that manages to give some interesting surprises in its plot.

8. A drama with eternal lovers in The Vampire Diaries

Vampires and everything supernatural you can imagine. They are part of this series that manages to enchant every millennial girl. Full of that mysterious air, but captivating, this series tells us about the beginning of Elena Gilbert’s life. A teenager from Mystic Falls who ends up in a complicated relationship with two vampire brothers. The love and family drama is the order of the day in this popular series. Added to this, is the fact of the vampiric and paranormal danger that surrounds her as she discovers everything.

9. The most entertaining musical for millennials: Glee

The losers who steal every girl’s heart. This group of social renegades come together to do what they love the most, sing. A musical full of comedy, romance and drama that will be a roller coaster of emotions for you. With so many personalities that you will not be able to identify with just one of the characters. Feel the rhythm and discover school life beyond bullying with your favorite group on Glee.

10. Skins, the debauchery of adolescence

Trouble topics like drugs, homophobia, obesity, and anorexia are just a few of those he owns . A series to expand the girl’s mind, with a group of young people with quite difficult lives. Who seek to support each other to get ahead and overcome adversity. With a rather dark tone of what is the life of a millennials. You will be able to identify yourself in certain aspects. Although more importantly, it is that you find the support to get ahead with these charismatic characters.

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11. Reasons Why, the drama that makes every millennial girl cry

A very serious drama that has managed to attract a large audience for its strong message. The story finds us with Hannah Baker, a girl who after committing suicide does something unexpected. Every millennial girl manages to understand the weight of the situations Hannah had to go through to make that decision. It will be practically impossible that you do not get angry in many moments. As well as ending up crying with each chapter. Do you dare to discover Hannah’s 13 reasons?

12. New Girl, the best friend that every millennial girl would like to have

The story of this millennial girl shows us Jess in search of a new home after being cheated on. This is how he arrives at an apartment with three boys Nick, Schmidt and Coach who become his inseparable allies. The experiences of these four roommates will get you a lot of laughs. A story full of romance, comedy and the daily experiences that millennials usually live. You can’t help but want to be part of this crazy and fun group of friends.