Structural Orientation Training for Women What is it and how to do it?

If your resolutions for this new year is to achieve your best version with a perfectly toned and hardened body in the most effective way. Then you should know about the structurally oriented fitness program for women. Which is the type of training that makes it possible for your body composition to be in full harmony. Which translates to a healthy and attractive body . And the most important thing is a situation that you will be able to maintain in a realistic and simple way.

Structural orientation training can be very practical and adaptable since the benefit it provides includes a wide variety of properties such as:

  • Shaping the body through toning aimed at body aesthetics. That normally this objective is linked to that of fat reduction, and they are actually indivisible.
  • Participate in fitness events where toning is the primary goal, obviously along with the reduction of body fat and an excellent competition point. And it also provides you with a transfer for improvement in physical and sports activities and tasks of daily life.
  • For recovery after injury, accident or illness.

It should be noted that the classification of the different adaptations within the muscle toning process can be; general or selective, sarcomeric or sarcoplasmic, and functional or non-functional .

The latest studies show that structural orientation training for women helps to lose equal to or more weight than aerobic exercise, toning the whole body in a healthy way.

We address that this type of training is structurally oriented, and for this, we have to be clear that truths, half-truths and false myths exist about toning for women .

mujeres haciendo ejercicio

Statements you’ve probably heard frequently about toning for women

“You can get a beautifully toned body in a few weeks.” Truth

“You can tone up with three training sessions spread throughout the week.” Truth

“To tone you have to train with little weight and many repetitions.” Half true

“When you are in the definition period, you are toning up.” False myth

“When you tone you gain muscle.” False myth

“The machines tone, if you use the weights you will gain volume.” False myth

“If you are stick (very thin and without forms) if you are looking to tone you must carry out a hypercaloric diet and exercise”. False myth

What is structural orientation training?

This type of training orientation will offer you a stimulus that is mainly aimed at producing chronic responses related to structural or morphological factors. In other words, it makes it possible for your body composition to be in full harmony in a lasting way .

These most important chronic responses occur during and immediately after training with this type of structural orientation and are; the increase in blood lactate production , the increase in the total testosterone production or without significant changes, the greater the shorter the recovery in the interseries, a high increase in the production of growth hormone reaching up to 8 times resting blood values, reaching a maximum peak after 15 minutes of recovery, a moderate increase in IGF-1 , an increase in catecholamines, which are hormones produced by the adrenal glands, an increase in cortisol , and a decrease in ATP , PCr, and muscle glycogen .

The result of training with this type of structural orientation is the total result of a number of factors in response to strength training. Muscle toning is produced by different mechanisms of muscle activation, signaling dependent on mechanical stress, protein synthesis due to increased transcription and translation. Being all these mechanisms the ones that will favor to enable the different specific adaptations to training with this structural orientation.

How to Do Structural Orientation Training for Women

When your training program has the objective of toning and hardening the whole body , the different variables of the training methodology must be chosen, such as the weekly frequency, which is the availability that allows you to train during the week . Another aspect is the amount of exercises during the session, technically called the training volume, which will be variable.

We must also establish the corresponding organizational distribution that can be: global, by hemispheres, or by muscle groups . That is, the muscles that we are going to work during each training session. To do this, you must adjust the intensity and its corresponding character of effort that will be preceded according to the speed of execution in the different concentric and eccentric phases .

It is essential to control the density, which is the recovery time between series . Also no less important, the selection of exercises . Which will be done between 6 and 12 repetitions maximum . And what are characterized by a high energy expenditure and the consumption of glycogen that translates into a maximum level of muscle toning and stimulation that implies an excellent perfectly toned and hardened body.