Safe and easy pregnancy routine that will keep you in shape

There is no doubt that exercise is an excellent tool to guarantee countless health benefits. If you are pregnant and want to stay in shape, you should know that exercise is 100% recommended during pregnancy. However, it is important that you allow yourself to be advised by your doctor to learn about a routine for pregnant women that you can practice.

Exercise: A tool that will allow you to have a better pregnancy

Performing a routine for pregnant women on a constant basis will allow you to prepare your body and feel better. Exercising will strengthen your muscles, making the pregnancy more manageable and the delivery easier. Also, including these practices in your day to day will increase the feeling of control and energy level.

In addition, if you decide to exercise during pregnancy, recovering your figure will be much faster and easier. Your body will accumulate less fat during pregnancy if you exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Remember that during pregnancy you should not lose weight, but maintain yourself to guarantee your health and that of the baby.

Tips when designing your exercise routine

When designing the routine for pregnant women that you will use, you must evaluate the degree of physical activity in which you are. And the thing is, the level and intensity of the exercises that you can perform will depend on this.

If before you got pregnant you did sports with some assiduity, you can continue with your program by making the appropriate modifications recommended by the doctor. If you weren’t in shape before you got pregnant, you should start with a light workout to adapt your body.

When choosing exercises, it is important that you consider what you like to do, as your motivation will depend on this. Many pregnant women prefer swimming, yoga, Pilates or walking, as they are low-impact activities that relax and tone our body.


The perfect routine for pregnant women: swimming, prenatal yoga and walking

Swimming is one of the best exercises, as it allows all the muscles to be worked when performing moderate cardiovascular activity. Water becomes an excellent option, as it reduces the impact on the joints of our body, and helps us to carry out aerobic workouts that are totally safe.

In addition, swimming relaxes the back muscles and reduces the tension generated by the weight. This exercise is recommended especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Another exercise that you should include is prenatal yoga, it is a safe tool to prepare your body and keep you relaxed. This practice guarantees the flexibility of your joints, which will allow you to stay active and do your activities without problems. In addition, yoga stimulates your circulation, avoiding the annoying swelling of the lower extremities. And if that wasn’t enough, it helps you relax, since the techniques practiced keep the mind calm and balanced.

If in your case, before you got pregnant, you did not practice a lot of exercise, walking or taking long walks may be the ideal option. This activity allows you to adjust the intensity according to your abilities, being an easy and relaxing training option. Avoid high and low temperatures to walk, so in hotter times, take advantage of the first hours of the day or those closest to night.

Exercises that you should avoid including in your routine

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate routine for pregnant women, it is important to know that there are exercises that put your pregnancy at risk.

So, we recommend that you avoid doing the activities specified below:

  1. High-impact joint exercises
  2. Avoid activities or exercises that involve great physical contact
  3. Activities involving sudden changes of direction
  4. Exercises that may involve an injury to the abdominal area
  5. Workouts that should be done lying on your back or face down

Anyway, we hope you find our tips useful, if you have any more, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.