Reduce urinary infection with these foods

Having a urine infection is not pleasant, neither in men nor in women. It is also not a good sign to have many infections throughout the day, although it is a more common condition in women than in men. If we are going through a urine infection, we are going to give some basic tips, such as foods that will make us calm the infection to make those days more bearable.

Food influences our health, so much so that it is the main responsible for many diseases, apart from our lifestyle, whether it is active or inactive. Not counting external agents, as in the case of a urine infection, after having unprotected sex.

Urinary infection occurs after the proliferation of fungi, viruses and bacteria at the end of the urinary tract or in the bloodstream. This is directly related to the kidneys , so many times, if the urine infection lasts over time, other more specific tests are carried out.

The urinalysis will identify the type of infection and will be able to provide us with a multitude of information. Urinalysis is a basic test that is always requested when there is a urinary tract infection, after the results and if the infection has not been cut with treatment, other tests are carried out.

The doctors will determine the treatment to be followed according to the type of infection, its cause, its severity, the type of pain, etc.

The most common symptoms are usually burning, pain in the pelvis, cloudy urine, itching when urinating, urine leakage, fever, chills, a strong urge to go to the bathroom every two to three, and even blood in the urine, although the latter is more common in men.

Eat all of this to calm the infection

It should be noted that the treatment has to be indicated to us by a specialist doctor, here there are no debates, nor is there room for alternative medicines, or homeopathy, or anything similar. An uncontrolled urine infection is something very serious that can cause permanent kidney damage, premature delivery in pregnant women, septicemia and even death.

That is why we can consult these types of nutritional recommendations with the specialist and take them as a complement to medical treatment . It is not necessary to make a radical change in diet, unless the doctor tells us, nor do we have to obsess and eat the food that we leave here every day. Nor should we base our diet on these fruits and vegetables, they only serve as a complement to the treatment.

Un vaso lleno de arándanos rojos para la minfección de orina


Actually, it will serve any red fruit, that is, raspberries, strawberries, lingonberries and blueberries, blackberries, currants, red plums and cherries. But among all these varied and delicious red fruits, the best option is red cranberries.

This type of blueberry is known as a good preventive of urinary tract infections and for helping us maintain good internal health. All this is a lot of responsibility for a single food and it is thanks to the presence of tannins, quercetin and the famous vitamin C.

All these substances prevent infections from adhering to the urinary tract , hence cranberries are considered the best fruit to prevent urinary tract infections.


A delicious fruit in natural juice and fresh slices. If our infection is mild, which almost all urine infections tend to be, pineapple in this case helps reduce symptoms.

By eating pineapple, we are absorbing enzymes called bromelain that act as anti-inflammatories reducing pain, the burning sensation and improving the digestive process.

Pineapple has always had a reputation as a good fruit to detoxify the body, and it is true, in fact, eating pineapple during a urine infection can help us eliminate toxins and waste from our body, helping to clean it, including our kidneys.


It is an exotic fruit that is sold in Spain, but perhaps we do not consume it as often as bananas, strawberries, grapes or mandarins. This fruit is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps the infection not adhere to our urinary canal, shortening the time of infection.

Papaya has a lot of fiber and detoxifying properties , like pineapple. By having so much acidity it helps to eliminate bacteria and leaves our kidney system clean of bacteria. Papaya is associated with beneficial properties for the heart and has anti-inflammatory effects for diseases such as arthritis.

Lemon juice

We know that eating lemon, just like that, is not pleasant, but it has many proven benefits. Lemon is a fruit very rich in vitamin C and has antiseptic and antibacterial power. In addition, it also helps us regulate pH levels , which can be altered during this type of urinary tract infection.

If the pH of the area is regulated, it is much more difficult for bacteria and fungi to survive. In short, taking a little lemon juice between 1 and 3 times a day, we could reduce the duration of the urine infection.


They are considered an antibiotic food. It is true that radishes or radishes are not very consumed in our diet, there are those who do have them very assimilated and eat them several times a month or even a week.

Eating raw radishes while in the middle of a urine infection helps to fight it and its diuretic properties facilitate the cleaning of the urinary tract and help to shorten the localized infection.

They should be eaten raw, and we may not like their taste, but they are the perfect complement to alleviate the symptoms of such annoying and dangerous infections.

Un bol lleno de brócoli


Among the most hated vegetables in the world, although if we know how to cook it, it will become our great ally, especially in vegan and vegetarian diets. Broccoli, beyond looking like a miniature tree, helps fight acidity in the body . This power is found in many vegetables, but broccoli in particular helps us avoid the formation of acidic soil in the body where groups of bacteria can nest.

In short, it helps us eliminate dangerous bacteria by regulating the acidity of the body, so it will reduce our urine infection and be lighter.


Kefir is a probiotic food and helps the body’s natural defenses by preventing bacteria from nesting in our body . This is why, if we suffer from this type of urinary tract infection, we should introduce kefir into our daily diet.

This food not only helps us in that sense, but it has a series of benefits for the body that will help us to be much healthier. Helps eliminate cholesterol, reduce intestinal inflammation, prevent diarrhea, etc.

Helpful tips against urine infection

If we are immersed and immersed in a urinary tract infection, it is best to see a doctor so that they do the relevant tests and give us the best treatment. As a complement to all this and as a prevention for future cases, we must take very assiduously the foods that we have indicated in previous paragraphs apart from following these recommendations:

  • Drink much liquid.
  • Drink chamomile tea.
  • Drink red fruit juice (squeezed by ourselves).
  • Empty the bladder completely.
  • Maintain good genital hygiene.
  • Have safe sex.
  • Urinate after sex.
  • Wash the genitals after anal sex.
  • Don’t drink coffee.
  • Do not drink alcohol during the infection.
  • No soft drinks or energy drinks.