Put these 9 rubber band exercises into practice to tone legs

It is becoming more and more common to train at home. Few materials are needed (sometimes none) to achieve that body that we have been wanting for a long time and to be able to feel better about ourselves both inside and out. Rubber band exercises to tone every muscle are becoming more and more fashionable. One of the most common groups is the one that works the lower extremities. The level of the user does not matter: with perseverance and with a weekly routine we can cross those limits that at first we thought were impossible for us. Sport is life and there is nothing like filling ourselves with it every day.

Exercises with rubber bands to tone legs

The exercises with rubber bands to tone our body are really practical and can be done by anyone. Obviously, it takes our involvement and our effort to have an effect. However, creating a routine is not as difficult as we sometimes think . It is a matter of setting goals and wanting to achieve them. If you want, for example, to train your legs, it will be as simple as buying some rubber bands and using them properly for a few minutes a day . We will notice the changes in a few weeks and we will be proud to have taken the step.

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Squats with elastic bands

Using rubber bands to squat will add even more intensity to the movement. All this without having to use heavy loads that can cause an injury when making a bad descent. In this way, we will work with the resistance of the rubber itself , which will be more comfortable, achieving equally important benefits. We have the opportunity, in this case, to squat with both legs or, if we can and if we dare, with only one . What’s more, it is possible to replace them with a stride. The reason is that the technique and mechanics are very similar.

ejercicios con gomas para tonificar

Rubber band deadlift

With this exercise, the objective is to work the lower extremities , although the muscles found in the lower back and buttocks will also be involved . Thanks to the elastic bands, it is possible to avoid using excessive loads that, sometimes, only serve to hurt us by forcing too much. Having this comfort when training, we can focus much more on technique and take better care of our body . However, the best results are only obtained with weight. Therefore, start picking it up when the exercise with the bands is perfect for you.

Bridge and abduction

Another of the exercises with rubber bands to tone the legs is the bridge , which will allow us to achieve great results. It is normal that at first we feel that we cannot do so many repetitions, but it will undoubtedly be worth it when we witness that your lower extremities are perfect.

To execute it, we only have to lie on the ground, with our legs bent and with our feet supported at all times. Now, we raise the hips as much as we can while separating the knees . It is important to establish a good foothold in the heels. Maintaining tension throughout the entire movement is necessary to meet, or even exceed, goals.

ejercicios con gomas para tonificar

Hip abduction

There are very simple exercises that we come to think that they do not have much effect on our muscles, but nothing could be further from the truth. Each movement adds up, and the hip abduction movement helps us to strengthen this entire area .

The first thing we must do to carry it out is to stand up or lie down with the material well placed around our ankles. Now, with one of the legs, we do a lateral elevation against the resistance of the rubber. This limb should not rest on the ground for the entire duration of the exercise . If so, it will not be very effective.

Steps in V

Something as simple as walking with the elastic band in place helps us strengthen our legs . To do this exercise we have to get into a semi squat position, take a step forward with one leg and then another with the other lower limb. Now, it’s time to step back , first with one leg and then the other. It is important, to enjoy all the benefits, maintain tension at all times.

ejercicios con gomas para tonificar

Quadruped glute kick

If we want, in addition to exercising the legs, to work the glutes, this exercise is perfect. In addition, we can develop it anywhere and in a comfortable way . The first step is to get on all fours on the ground. Now, with the band well placed on the sole of the foot and being held by one of our hands, we have to raise the leg as if we were kicking backwards .

In this way, we will start with the leg bent but we will finish the movement with it fully stretched. The palms of the hands must be flat on the floor at all times, at shoulder height. When the leg we are using is fully stretched, we return to the starting position to do more repetitions again.

Front stride

The front stride is another of the exercises with rubber bands to tone legs that should not be missing in our routine . To execute it, we have to stand up, put the rubber bands at the height of our thighs or tie one end to a post and the other to our ankle, and step forward with one leg while bending both knees . The knee that we advance should never go beyond the tip of the foot. Likewise, it is necessary to distribute the weight between both legs so as not to suffer any type of injury. In this case, we need to control the space very well to do it correctly and not stay halfway .

Hamstring curl

If what we want is to work the back of our legs and involve the buttocks to show off excellent results, simply perform the hamstring curl . It is done the same as if we had a gym machine. The elastic band needs to be fastened on a table, column or other heavy item .

Now, lying face down, we place one of the ends of this material on the ankles. At this point, we just have to bend our knees and get back to the starting position by doing several repetitions . At first you will feel that all the muscles are resisting you, but day by day you will gain more strength.

Seated leg extension

To carry out this movement you will only need your body, a chair and elastic bands. It is a very common exercise when we want to work the quadriceps very intensely. The normal thing is to do it on a machine, but it is true that it can be perfectly imitated with a band. To do this, we sit on a chair, hold the elastic band in a resistant element that is behind us and also in one of our ankles .

Now, we just have to try to raise the leg that has the resistance forward . We can also do it with both feet at the same time, we will save time and the effectiveness will be the same. By adding this exercise to our usual training we will achieve a great toning in our lower extremities . We will love the results.