Paleobull, the best bars for a paleo diet from Carrefour

Buying products for a paleo diet can be a difficult task when we are new to this type of diet. Carrefour is known for integrating sports nutrition and supplementation products, so we have also found some healthy snacks for this type of diet. In this case, Paleobull has the best all-natural energy bars.

Whether you are passionate about healthy eating or if you are an athlete who needs to carry energy bars when you go out to train, these may be all you need. It is usually recommended to make them homemade at home, since most brands introduce low-quality proteins, sugars or refined carbohydrates. However, the Paleobull option can be all the beneficial of the homemade part, without having to turn our kitchen upside down.

Paleobull bars with fruits and nuts

These energy bars are made with only real ingredients, without refined vegetable oils, such as palm or sunflower, without any artificial additives and without added sweeteners or sugars. In addition, they have a great contribution of protein, so it will help muscle recovery and satiety.

At Carrefour we currently find two types available online, so it is possible that more varieties are included in physical hypermarkets.

The delicious banana bar has a high protein content (12 grams), and has been made only with natural ingredients: dates (49.7%), dehydrated egg white (24%), dehydrated banana (13%), lemon dehydrated, hazelnuts (10%), extra virgin olive oil and natural banana aroma.

On the other hand, the coconut and maca energy bar also has a high protein content. It is composed only with natural ingredients: dates, dehydrated egg white, coconut, almonds, maca, extra virgin olive oil and natural coconut aroma. Ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Maca is the common name for the herbaceous plant Lepidium meyenii Walpers, and it regulates hormonal imbalances in the endocrine system, improves libido, and strengthens the cognitive system.

paleobull barritas dieta paleo carrefour

Good options for a paleo diet in Carrefour

Paleobull energy bars are a good complement for a healthy snack between meals. It is recommended in any type of healthy diet, although it is a good option if we follow a paleo diet. It serves as a nutritional supplement for the practice of any physical activity or to carry them in the bag if we plan to spend several hours away from home. However, it must be borne in mind that they are energy bars with a large contribution of carbohydrates , mainly from dates. So if we want more protein options, it would be best to use a natural yogurt that provides the same amount as these bars (12 grams).

These bars have a high protein content, coming only from the egg white . Egg white stands out for its excellent nutritional properties, since it is mainly composed of albumin, a protein of high biological value. The egg white helps to develop muscles and strengthen bones; also providing a great satiating power that acts effectively against the feeling of hunger.

However, there are also vegan versions, such as the apple bar that contains pea to obtain the most protein.