Make a healthy purchase at Carrefour with these foods

Shopping at Carrefour is a joy, and this is due to the variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, pasta, eggs, juices, water, milk, cheeses, yogurts, etc. In addition, the prices are usually quite good, and on top of that if we have the customer card we get more discounts and even gifts. Be that as it may, it is a very good option to make a purchase, and now we are going to indicate the best healthy foods in Carrefour.

The list of healthy foods in Carrefour is not directly proportional to the amount of products and foods that are in their stores. Even so, we can make a large purchase where 90% are healthy things and 10% are unhealthy things like frozen, fried, ice cream, cookies, sweets, sliced bread, industrial sweets and such. We do not recommend these last products, not even following the advice of Carlos Ríos and his famous “ten porsenteando”, but hey, from time to time it is not “so” bad …

Yogurts and natural soy drink

Soy is a highly nutritious food and yogurts are usually an ideal choice for everyone, whether or not we are vegans and vegetarians. Carlos Ríos always says that this option is even better, in terms of the composition of ingredients, than the soy yogurts from Mercadona.

The same happens with milk or natural soy drink without added sugars. It is an excellent option for the breakfasts of adults and children, to make healthy pastries, to reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin, to start vegetable diets, to mix it with a little unhealthy foods such as infant cereals or dipping cookies, etc.

Hummus and avocado

Carrefour avocado is as good as Mercadona or Lidl, that’s the way it is and there is no going back, but there is a detail and it is that Carrefour guacamole has a mixture between avocado and green chili, so you have to be careful if we are sensitive to spicy.

However, the ingredient composition of Carrefour Classic Recipe hummus is much better because it uses 100% olive oil instead of refined oils. And that is noticeable in the flavor both when eating it spread on bread and when eating it with raw vegetables such as carrots, peppers, celery, or even with spikes.

Carrefour organic milk

We are talking about normal, cow’s milk. And the fact is that Carrefour’s dairy section is huge and among all those milk of animal origin, there are recognized brands and several private labels. Well, organic milk is the best option, that is, the Carrefour Bio Milk, whether it is whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed.

Also, not only that, but it is very cheap and of good quality. As it comes from organic cows, this means that the milk does not contain chemical compounds, that the animal’s diet is natural and healthy and that the cow has lived with access to the outdoors.

La mantequilla de Carrefour entre los alimentos saludables de Carrefour

Carrefour butter

Normally when we look for butter we go to the well-known brand, but beware that it is not better because it is famous and expensive, since white brand butter is among Carrefour’s healthy foods and the others are not.

You always have to choose the one that is as natural as possible and is made with olive oil, because refined oils are not a good option, except for some that claim to be “high oleic”. But not even for those, the best is extra virgin olive oil.

Both the normal option, which is yellow and red, and the organic version. The ingredients are what they have to be in a butter, there are no dyes, no chemicals, no strange preservatives, no sweeteners, or anything extra incense.

Whole grains

We have two in our sights. On the one hand, the white brand Fibra Flakes which is a bluish cardboard wrapper and, on the other hand, the Stylesse cereals which are low in sugar and have rice flakes, whole wheat and normal wheat. The only problem with the second option is that it brings sweeteners.

If we want cereals, apart from oat flakes (which are not usually very popular), we can choose these that we recommend, or the new ones that Mercadona has brought, which are oat rings.

It should be said that if we want to make a radical change and go from sugary cereals, such as children’s cereals, to healthy cereals, we are not going to like the change at all. We recommend first changing the animal milk for healthy vegetable (less than 3 ingredients) and without sugar, and then go from a sugary breakfast cereal to a healthy one.

Mexican tortillas

We refer to those rounded finite doughs to eat wrap or fajitas. The Mercadona ones (the integral ones) are a better option, and even the integral del Día or the Lidl ones, but since we are now with Carrefour, we recommend them because they get us out of trouble many times. These tortillas are a good size, but be very careful with the fillings, since, if we put greasy things, the food will no longer be healthy.

By the way we leave you our favorite recipe which is a scrambled egg, with lamb’s lettuce and a mixture of crunchy vegetables. A quick, delicious and healthy dinner. Remember that we have to leave at least two hours between the end of dinner and bedtime.

Carrefour wholemeal bread

We refer to a round loaf of bread that we can buy in the bakery area of any Carrefour in Spain. It is on Carrefour’s list of healthy foods because it is 100% wholemeal, it is delicious with everything we put in it and it has a 25% reduction in salt compared to other breads from the bakery in this supermarket.

It is true that in the bakery section there are several more breads, including wheat, rye and such, but this one in particular is our favorite and it is quite good with everything we eat. It is true that it costs one euro, and next to it there are bars that cost 0.20 euros, but it really deserves the difference in price.

Crema de cacahuete de Carrefour

Peanut butter

We are all looking forward to finding a cocoa cream that is 100% healthy, but it doesn’t exist… What does exist are nut butters like this one with peanuts that we can buy at Carrefour. We don’t want to repeat ourselves a lot, but this peanut butter is better than Mercadona’s and the big difference comes down to the ingredients.

This Carrefour peanut butter does not have refined oils or added sugars, but everything that we see is typical and natural of the main ingredient that is roasted and ground peanuts until obtaining that characteristic cream.

Bio fried tomato

It is already clear that Carrefour’s Bio section is the best, right? Well, here he continues to score points and is going to sing bingo … To this list of Carrefour healthy foods we have to add the bio fried tomato.

The downside is that it is not a normal fried tomato, but it has piquillo peppers, which makes this sauce doubly nutritious and healthy, giving it a flavor that goes perfectly with different foods.

On this occasion Carlos Ríos would say that it is a good process, in addition, the ingredients are local and of Spanish origin, which reduces the carbon footprint. That this is also important when making the purchase, as well as the type of packaging, to reduce plastic waste.

Julianne soup

The simplest soup on the planet and all supermarkets have these bags or jars with the ingredients perfectly cut and ready to add them to a pot and then add whatever we want.

In Carrefour’s case, the Trevijano brand julienne soup is dehydrated and according to Carlos Ríos it is one of the best Carrefour healthy foods. The only bad thing is that it brings a lot of plastic, but otherwise, 100% highly recommended.