Jet-Lag, how to deal with the time change with these tips

To reduce the symptoms of Jet-Lag and live a vacation as you deserve, in Lugarnia we have prepared some tips that will be very useful. Now is the time to travel, enjoy and live the trip of your dreams. Have a good trip!

Tips to cope with jet lag


If you can’t easily fall asleep and you have a flight booked that must cross half the world to reach your destination, don’t be overwhelmed. Try to get information about the difference between one location and another and start preparing ahead of time. A few days before taking the flight, try to go to sleep earlier than you usually do if your destination is to the east, another option is to go to sleep later than usual in case your flight is to the west. Maintain a routine and try to do your meals and other activities always at the same time, this way you will avoid that your vacation is an ordeal.

Rest well

Before catching the flight, it is best that you sleep at home long enough for you to have a pleasant and comfortable trip. Keep in mind that the more rested the body is, the faster and easier it will recover from the imbalance caused by jet-lag.

Hydrate well

The best way to deal with jet lag is not to drink coffee, but to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and rest when you arrive at your destination. Even if you do not realize the altitude at which the plane is and the dry environment will cause your body to consume liquids, for this it is best to drink water during the trip since juices, alcohol and other drinks can cause the opposite effect and weaken your body.

Sleep during the flight

It can be very advantageous if you sleep during a flight and arrive at your destination like new. So that you can fall asleep, we advise you to find a comfortable pillow and ear plugs that reduce outside noise. It would not be bad to take a natural infusion to relax a little more. If you have a hard time closing your eyes, thinking about positive things while taking a deep breath will help.

Spend time outdoors

It will depend on the time you arrive, but if you can, try to spend a long time outdoors with natural light when you arrive at your destination. You can take a dip in a pool or beach or go for a walk. This will allow you to stay awake and balance your internal clock.

Consejos para el jet-lag

Don’t nap

Try not to nap and lie down in bed when it gets dark. Even if your body asks for even a little sleep, to enjoy a vacation in good condition it is best not to sleep in the afternoon. Be active!

Regulates light and temperature

When night comes after a big day, try to regulate the light and temperature in your room before sleeping. If you are going to spend your holidays in a cold country, try to dress in warm clothes and drink hot drinks to stimulate sleep. In the event that the destination has warm temperatures, make yourself comfortable and shower with cold water before lying down in bed. It is best to maintain an average temperature of 20 degrees in the room, avoiding extremes, both hot and cold.

Switch off the mobile phone

We agree that it is essential to inform the family that we are well or to speak to the boss in case an important work issue arises. But it is best to attend to these matters after sleeping in the morning to avoid being robbed of your sleep.