Is the Café Valentus Diet a Scam?

Fad diets are not the only ones that promise rapid weight loss, there are brands like Herbalife or Valentus that seek to capture attention with magical products. The latter ensures that you can lose weight by having just one coffee a day. How is it different from your morning cup of coffee when you wake up? Could this be the key to the extra kilos?

What is valentus coffee?

On its official website we can see that the ingredients of this “magical” coffee are mentioned, but the order is not the real one of its packaging. You already know that the order of the ingredients list indicates the quantity present, from highest to lowest. They claim that roasted dark coffee is its main component, but what is the reality?

valentus coffee

Looking at a package of 3.5 grams of SlimRoast Coffe, we find: dark roasted Brazilian coffee, garcinia cambogia, phaseolamin, green tea extract, organic cocoa, L-theanine, sunflower lecithin, green coffee extract, caffeine and phenylethylamine HCL.

What it promises vs. what really happens in your body

So far, everything might seem like a good supplement. We are struck by the steps to follow to make coffee work, so we want to disengage them to analyze what it promises and what really happens in the body.

  • The dose must be dissolved in hot water to taste without boiling, and consumed within 15 minutes. The why? Will the vitamins evaporate?
  • Up to an hour after taking, they recommend drinking only water. They ensure that you will notice dry mouth and that it is one of the effects when metabolizing subcutaneous fat . Obviously not true. Subcutaneous fat is not removed instantly, or for a supplement. Good nutrition, physical exercise, and reduced calorie intake are required.
  • They recommend eating healthy, balanced and fiber-rich foods ; as well as drinking 2 liters of water daily. A recommendation that leads to losing weight safely, without the need to have Valentus coffee.
  • They say that the first 3 days you should avoid eating white foods (sugars, flours, industrial pastries, etc.) to help the body detoxify. We remember that the body does NOT need to detoxify from food, nor do you have to carry out detox diets . Eliminating the consumption of refined ultraprocesses leads to weight loss, undoubtedly, but does not influence coffee intake.
  • “The first few days you will feel different. It is part of the process by metabolizing fats and converting them into energy.” Fat burning is not immediate. If you notice any change it is due to the change in diet and to avoid the ultra-processed ones, not for the Valentus coffee.

Is it really a fraud?

Undoubtedly. The healthiest way to lose weight is a controlled caloric deficit, through healthy eating and physical exercise. It is true that following the guidelines they recommend to consume this coffee can cause you to lose weight in the short term, but in no way will it be maintained over time, nor is it a recommended option for your body.

Do not waste your time and money with this type of products.