Is it dangerous to drink coffee from a few days ago?

There are those who leave the coffee made at night so as not to have to prepare it in the morning, or who take advantage of the leftovers in the afternoon. Some coffee machines have a function that keeps it hot for a short period of time, but most will make the coffee cold in a few seconds.

After a certain point, we can begin to ask when the coffee will spoil. Brewing a new pot of coffee can help prevent bad taste.

When does it go bad?

After making a cup, we may wonder if the clock is ticking. Leaving it on the hot plate of the coffee maker gives us a little time. Your coffee maker may have a feature that keeps coffee hot for a predetermined amount of time.

After that time has elapsed, it will slowly begin to cool and lose its freshness, which will change the flavor. After about 30 minutes at room temperature, the flavor will be greatly affected. But if you’re not worried about the taste, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

If we are lovers of this drink and enjoy the taste of its preparation, we should try to drink it as soon as possible before it cools down to room temperature. Day-old coffee will taste different, and not in a good way. But it is safe to drink. We can drink from the day before if it is espresso and does not contain dairy products .

How do you know if it’s bad?

Old coffee probably isn’t dangerous, but what does it look like and what does it smell like? If we don’t make the coffee ourselves, we may want to be more careful about it. The one served in restaurants or cafes should be served very hot. We avoid warm or room temperature coffee that has been sitting out, as there is a higher risk of contamination.

There isn’t much scientific research to suggest how long we have until brewed coffee goes bad. Most of the evidence is anecdotal. Some sources say it’s 24 hours old , while others suggest drinking it within four hours at room temperature or a few days if it’s kept in the fridge.

The general rule is that we have two hours to eat food left at room temperature, but it is not clear if this applies to the preparation.

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What about the latte?

If coffee has added ingredients such as milk or other dairy products, it should be stored properly in the refrigerator and reheated before drinking to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Milk can last in the fridge for up to seven days. Coffee with milk or cream may be safe to drink for up to a week when refrigerated, but may not taste as pleasant as freshly brewed coffee.

If we have left the cup of latte on the counter or desk, we have a much shorter period of time to finish it. We drink milk, or coffee with milk, within two hours after leaving it at room temperature.