Hyrox: the competition that combines running with exercises

Hyrox has become one of the fastest growing functional fitness competitions in the world. Under the watchful eye of Crossfit athletes, this event wants to become a great reference for athletes of all kinds.

It bills itself as the premium functional fitness competition designed for all bodies, not just elite athletes. They market themselves as a fitness competition for professionals and amateurs alike.

Some liken the event to a combination of steeplechase and functional fitness. Another part of its growing popularity is due to Hyrox’s clever idea of ​​positioning itself as the functional fitness competition of the winter season. This decision immediately distinguished it from other competitions.

What is?

Hyrox started in 2018 in Germany, kicking off in Hamburg. Other German host cities include Nuremberg, Hannover, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Now the success of the self-styled “Fitness World Series” is growing all over the world.

Hyrox is the fitness run for everyone. In this competition, athletes have to demonstrate their strength and endurance in equal measure. Precise timing and a completely identical setup on site guarantee the professional implementation of each competition.

Up to 3,000 athletes participate in each event of the Hyrox World Series Of Fitness, which runs through four North American cities and sixteen major European cities. Whether we’re into steeplechase, triathlons, CrossFit or fitness, Hyrox is the sporting event.

In an innovative mix of eight 1km runs, alternating with eight different tests, we are able to test one’s fitness level. Also, we will compete against other athletes from all over the world in the ultimate fitness challenge and give training a new goal.

Of course, there is one event for Elite, where only the top 25 athletes in the world qualify for what will become the highlight of the season: the Elite Wave of the World Championships.

hombre participando en hyrox

Differences with CrossFit

In Hyrox competitions the training is always known in advance. This allows us to train specifically for events. However, at Crossfit events, we typically don’t know about the tests until a certain period of time beforehand. In addition, they change every month, so you have to constantly vary your training.

Crossfit involves complex Olympic movements with extremely high repetitions and weights. These moves can take years of training to learn correctly. Instead, Hyrox moves are very easy to learn and practice at home. Plus, at a much lower cost than a typical Crossfit gym.

High-level Crossfit involves more complex gymnastic movements, such as handstand walks and muscle-ups. But, this is not something we need to learn to compete in Hyrox.

Also, in Hyrox events you only compete in one event and whoever has the best overall time wins. Instead, in Crossfit competitions we will compete in multiple events. And the person with the most points in the different tests wins. This makes it a very different kind of competition and training.

Hyrox events always feature 8 kilometers of total running , making it the most important specialty an athlete must have. At a high level, the most consistent rider usually wins these events. Mainly, it’s the biggest difference between Crossfit athletes and people who train more specifically for Hyrox.

hyrox competicion fitness


The Hyrox men’s or women’s categories are a great place to start. Lower weights than in the Pro category ensure a 99% completion rate. In the men’s and women’s Pro categories, the strongest athletes battle it out for world records and prize money. If we prefer teamwork, it is best to sign up for the Doubles category. Whether in a male or female team, or in a mixed one, in doubles you run together and the tests are shared.

Each competition consists of 8 rounds of 1 kilometer running followed by 1 functional movement . According to its website, the competition would consist of:

  • 1km run
  • 1000 meter ski race
  • 1km run
  • 2×25 meter sled push (weight depends on category)
  • 1km run
  • 2×25 meter sled push (weight depends on category)
  • 1km run
  • Burpee with long jump for 80 meters
  • 1km run
  • Row 1000 meters
  • 1km run
  • Kettlebell farmer’s step for 200 meters (weight depends on category)
  • 1km run
  • Sandbag strides 100 meters (weight depends on category)
  • 1km run
  • 75 x Wall Balls (weight depends on category)

How to take part?

Let’s be honest. CrossFit competitions can be downright intimidating for some people, especially those with lower fitness levels. However, Hyrox is changing this, welcoming divergent levels of fitness. According to Hyrox, the ideal participants could be anyone who likes to run, play a sport, belong to a gym or fitness club, or even be a member of a freeletics group. Also, anyone who is 16 years of age or older can participate.

Anyone who regularly races and integrates strength exercises into their training is fit enough for Hyrox. Events don’t last long either. Although, the duration of the event depends on your fitness level. In 2021, the average completion time was 1.5 hours.

During each event, participants use timing chips to record their personal time in the race. That time is then measured against all other athletes in the world rankings.

For participating we will receive a Welcome Pack with everything you need for the race and some surprises. All participants who cross the finish line will receive a prize and the winners will have a trophy delivery.

The prices depend on the category in which we sign up:

  • Single: 64 euros
  • PRO: €64
  • Doubles: 56 euros

Hyrox events are all over the world. We can consult the list of events and Spanish cities here .