Hypopressive abs, the best treatment to cure vaginismus

Normally, when talking about vaginismus, there is a lack of information and fear of telling the experience on the part of the person who suffers. The main cause of vaginismus comes from the lack of information from women who did not receive adequate sexual information and this ignorance led them to fear sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. But today we tell you that it is possible to cure vaginismus by doing hypopressive abdominal exercises.

There are also women who suffered a bad experience during a gynecological examination or had a bad time with some type of sexual abuse.

As a consequence of a psychological state, physiological discomfort appears and as a result, the muscles of the diaphragm and pelvic floor are affected by the hyperactivity that the woman develops. That is why the role of the physiotherapist and psychologist is essential in these cases, and to direct the help in the treatment with the aim of curing vaginismus.

curar el vaginismo

In these situations, one of the most recommended treatments is hypopressive exercises , which consist of making movements and postures, in conjunction with hypopressive techniques in order to reduce the pressure of the pelvic, thoracic and abdominal cavity.

This discovery was made thanks to Dr. Marcel Caufriez, who demonstrated how damaging traditional abs were after giving birth. Traditional abdominals are understood to be those that, in order to perform them, the head and trunk must be flexed towards the knees and pressure is applied to the pelvic floor.

The effects that traditional abdominals cause on the pelvic floor is an invigoration of problems related to prolapse, urinary incontinence and diastasis (it consists of the separation of the rectus muscles that are in the abdomen). Caufriez has been creating new techniques until developing the hypopressive method, which is applied both in the field of sports, prevention and health.

Hypopressive abs to cure vaginismus

With patients suffering from vaginismus, awareness of all the pelvic floor muscles should be worked on , so that the area connected with muscle release can be controlled. When the woman manages to control the area, she begins to develop work with vaginal dilators gradually and then they must learn how to give herself a vaginal massage . All this is accompanied by psychological work, which allows the brain to be unblocked.

Hypopressive abdominals are highly recommended by specialists to treat problems with the pelvic floor, among which is vaginismus.