Hydrogen water: miracle drink or hoax?

Plain water is the best beverage option to keep your body hydrated. However, some companies claim that adding hydrogen to water can help enhance the health benefits that this liquid offers.

It should be noted that water provides us with benefits such as relieving fatigue, avoiding headaches, improving the immune system, among others, but is hydrogen water really more beneficial for health ? Is it a miracle drink or a hoax? It is time to discover the truth behind this supposed "magic" drink

Beneficios del agua hidrogenada

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is simply water with additional hydrogen molecules added to it . Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas that binds with other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon to form various compounds, including table sugar and water. (Ge et al., 2017).

Some experts think that the body cannot effectively absorb hydrogen in pure water, as it is bound to oxygen. This is why some water companies claim that when additional hydrogen is added, these hydrogen molecules are more accessible to the body.

However, there is a problem: hydrogen water can be expensive. A well-known company sells a package of 30 240-milliliter cans for about $ 90 (€ 80). Additionally, it suggests that consumers drink at least three cans a day.

¿Es beneficiosa el agua hidrogenada?

3 benefits of hydrogen water

Although studies in humans are practically scarce, several of them have had quite promising results.

1. Antioxidant benefits

Molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in the body and protects cells from the effects of oxidative stress (Iuchi et al., 2016).

In a study of a group of 49 people who received radiation therapy for liver cancer, half of them were asked to drink 1,500-2,000 milliliters of hydrogen-enriched water daily. In the end, the people who drank hydrogen water experienced reduced levels of hydroperoxide, a marker of oxidative stress, and maintained higher antioxidant activity after treatment than the control group. (Kang et al., 2011).

Beneficios antioxidantes del agua hidrogenada

2. Benefits for people with metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by high blood sugar, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat. Additionally, chronic inflammation is suspected to be a contributing factor. (Monteiro and Azevedo, 2010). In this sense, some research suggests that hydrogen water, being effective in reducing oxidative stress markers, also improves risk factors related to metabolic syndrome.

A 10-week study, where 20 people with signs of metabolic syndrome drank between approximately 1 liter of hydrogen-enriched water per day. At the end of the study, the participants experienced significant reductions in "bad" LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, as well as increases in HDL "good" cholesterol, increased antioxidant activity, and reduced levels of inflammatory markers, such as TNF-α. (Song et al., 2013).

Beneficios del agua hidrogenada para el síndrome metabólico

3. Benefits for athletes

Hydrogen water can benefit athletes, helping them reduce inflammation and decrease lactate buildup in the blood, which is a sign of muscle fatigue. (Wan et al., 2017).

A study of ten male soccer players found that athletes who drank 1,500 ml of hydrogen-enriched water experienced lower blood lactate levels and decreased muscle fatigue after exercise compared to a placebo group.

However, despite the good reputation of hydrogen water, this is a relatively new area of study, for which much more research is needed to determine if it is truly beneficial for athletes.

Beneficios del agua hidrogenada en deportistas

Should you drink hydrogen water?

Although some research on hydrogen water shows positive results, more extensive studies are needed before a conclusion can be reached.

Hydrogen water is generally recognized as safe by the FDA, which means that it is approved for human consumption and is not known to cause any harm at this time. However, it should be noted that there is currently no industry-wide standard for the amount of hydrogen that can be added to water. As a result, concentrations can vary widely.

¿Cuánto hidrógeno debe contener el agua?


Small studies show that with the help of hydrogen water, oxidative stress can be reduced in people who receive radiation, which helps to improve the physical performance of athletes and why it improves certain blood markers in people with metabolic syndrome. However, much more information is still required to confirm whether it is really beneficial for people.

¿Qué efectos tiene el agua con hidrógeno?


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