How to use room service like a pro

The food that is offered in room service has the reputation of being too expensive and of a quality that is not entirely spectacular for the prices that are generally managed in hotels, but there are times when due to schedules or location we have no more left. option to ask if we do not want to starve. Here are some tips for using room service to get the most out of your pocket and your palate.

The 4 golden rules for using room service

1. Order the right food for your room

When you consider using room service, before ordering you have to take into account how long the dish will have to travel from the kitchen to your room. Generally, hotel kitchens are located in the basement, so if your room is on one of the highest floors of the building, the food could take more than 10 minutes to arrive from the moment it leaves the kitchen, and that taking into account Note that there are no other room service deliveries on the way.

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This does not necessarily affect the quality of the product, but it does affect the temperature, so hot dishes are not the most recommended if you are staying on the top floors. In the same way and for the same reason, the ideal is to ask that each dish be raised separately so that they do not get cold in the room while you eat the other things.

Salads, appetizers and cold sandwiches are an excellent option, as well as the suggestions on the menu (hot or cold) or the house specialties: if they are offered as such, it is because they are the highest quality dishes on the menu.

2. Make your order in advance

If it’s a very bad day and you don’t feel like going out of the hotel to eat, think that maybe the rest of the clients don’t either. Therefore, if you intend to order food at the exact time of breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is better to call at least two hours in advance so that the kitchen can organize itself and you can enjoy the food at the time you want. you prefer.

3. Talk to the sommelier to order the best wine

It is very common to use room service to order drinks, especially if you are staying at the hotel for a special occasion such as anniversaries or birthdays. Therefore, if you want a good glass of the best wine in the area, a creative cocktail or any other type of drink to accompany the meal or to enjoy the evening, call the restaurant and ask if they have a sommelier, and then if you can talk with the. Most luxury hotels have one, and they aren’t there just to help out at the restaurant or bar.

4. Don’t order spicy dishes

Waking up in a comfortable and fluffy hotel bed is always a luxury, but if the room reeks of a pungent aroma it is not so much anymore. If the night before you decided to use room service and ordered a dish with onion, garlic or strong spices, no matter how much you open the window and spend cologne by sprinkling it throughout the room, the room will still smell bad. So try to avoid strong smelling products like Roquefort cheese or curry, no matter how good they are.