How to remove the bad smell of the protein shaker?

The protein shaker is essential when we want the shake to come out perfectly. However, many times it begins to smell bad and is unpleasant for the palate. For what is this?

It does not matter if we take protein before or after training, mixers are a necessary asset so that the shake does not contain lumps and is well mixed. But the really important thing is to ensure that it remains odour-free for several months.

Why does the shaker smell bad?

When your protein shaker smells really bad, it’s usually due to the fact that the plastic has absorbed bacteria over time. The remnants of the milky protein shake we’ve been drinking have been sitting there for far too long and have left their mark.

Sometimes we drink a protein shake and the empty, dirty bottle goes back into the gym bag or the backseat of the car until we can wash it properly. The longer the protein shaker stays dirty with leftover shake residue inside, the more bacteria will form on the inside of the bottle’s plastic.

Worse still is the fact that sometimes when we close the shaker bottle after use, the bacteria that build up inside intensifies the bad mood when we reopen it. It really doesn’t take long before a shaker with some protein shake in the bottom starts to stink, especially if it’s been in a hot, stuffy area like the backseat of a car.

mal olor de shaker de proteinas

Steps to eliminate bad odor

It goes without saying, but the best way is to make sure it is cleaned properly. If we can’t wash it immediately after finishing the shake, we’ll try to leave the lid open when it’s dirty. If we close the lid, it becomes a hundred times more unpleasant.

Before washing it in depth, we will soak it in hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes. Once the residue has softened we should be able to rinse off a lot of it by running it over the top with hot water, provided we have decent water pressure.

  1. Rinse with very hot water. The closer to boiling, the better. Let the water rest in the shaker for five minutes or so.
  2. Rub with steel wool. The bad smell of the protein shaker is usually caused by residues of the protein that adhere to the interior of the container. A normal sponge may not be enough to scrub it. We can try it with a steel wool with a bit of effort.
  3. Shake it with baking powder . If boiling water and a little soap don’t work, and steel wool hasn’t, we’ll turn to one of the most reliable cleaning products out there: baking powder, which is great at neutralizing odors. We will fill the shaker with warm water, add a teaspoon of baking powder and shake.
  4. Soak it in vinegar and water . Another staple of clean freaks: white vinegar. We will fill the shaker with hot water and a little vinegar, stir and let it rest for a while. For best results, we will have a baking soda shake with a vinegar bath.
  5. Freeze it. We can fill the protein shaker with water and then leave it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, we will wash it and it will smell normal.
  6. Switch to non-dairy milk or protein powder. If we’re mixing whey protein (derived from cows) with regular milk (derived from cows), it could be the reason for the lingering odor in the blender. Using almond milk or a plant-based protein powder doesn’t seem to smell as unpleasant.
  7. Change to glass. A glass or ceramic container is less likely to retain bad odors than a plastic one. The downside is that it’s less convenient to transport (and more expensive to replace if you drop it), so you have to decide if the odor is strong enough to warrant a change.