How to remove nail polish without cotton?

Many people like to renew their manicure regularly, but they hate having to use nail polish remover to remove nail polish. It’s always a struggle to remove it completely. However, soaked cotton is always a great option for this. But what can we use when we don’t have cotton nearby?

Either because we don’t have cotton balls or because we want to innovate, there are much easier and more effective ways to remove nail polish.

hot water and acetone

Hot water and acetone is a very popular method of removing nail polish. It may be the most accessible, since all we need is a container of hot water and a smaller container of acetone.

First, we need two bowls, one smaller than the other, to stick our fingers into the larger one. We will fill the largest bowl halfway with hot water and the second bowl with acetone. We must make sure that the hot water is bearable so that you can put your hands in it; if it is too hot, we will add a little colder water. However, it should be hot water, as it will give better results.

Once it is ready, we will place the container with acetone in the container of hot water and put our hands in the container of acetone. We may need to remove some of the water if it’s too full so we can put our hands in it without it spilling.

We will place a towel on the hands and we will keep them in the acetone between 5 and 10 minutes . Another towel may be needed under the bowl to protect the piece of furniture it rests on. Once the time is up, we should see the nail polish peeling off. We will clean each nail individually with a towel or paper to remove excess nail polish.

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Wipe and acetone

A washcloth is a good alternative to cotton balls, and for some people, it works better. The texture of the wipe helps to remove nail polish, and there is less chance of it coming apart like cotton balls. It doesn’t even leave residue on the nail.

To remove nail polish with a wipe, all we need to do is take a container of acetone and soak the wipe until it is completely submerged. Once the wipe has been soaked in acetone long enough, we’ll remove it from the acetone and wring out the excess so it doesn’t drip.

We will start removing the nail polish from each nail. Once removed, we will hydrate the hand and the nails to rehydrate them after the acetone. It is important to take care of the nails to avoid weakness, yellowness or infections.

Not only is it a quick and easy method, but it is also a more economical method since we use less product than cotton balls would.

paper towel and acetone

Paper towels are an easy and affordable alternative to cotton balls. It is a simple method, since we only need to change the paper for cotton. However, the absorption will be higher and it will take longer to remove the nail polish.

We will apply a small amount of nail polish remover on the paper, enough to remove the nail polish but not too much, so that it drips. We will clean the nail with the soaked paper towel, we will continue cleaning until all the nail polish is removed. Once again, when we have removed all the nail polish, we will start doing the basic manicure, including treating the cuticles and moisturizing the hands.