How to properly maintain your treadmill?

Do you know how to properly maintain your treadmill ? So that you can enjoy it in perfect condition for many years; Find out by reading this post.

What are treadmills?

Treadmills are also identified as treadmills, treadmills, or treadmills. Regardless of what they are called, their function is to allow you to exercise in them so that you can carry out a daily training routine that serves to keep your body in perfect condition, just as it happens with a water rower or a stationary bicycle.

Why is it necessary to maintain your treadmill?

Treadmill users can consider themselves lucky, as this equipment allows them to exercise without leaving home and make the most of their available free time.

For this, it is essential to take care of them, following steps that can be considered an essential part of the maintenance of a treadmill, in addition to a series of tips that will guarantee many years of useful life.

Tips for maintaining a treadmill

This type of equipment is considered a fitness machine, being used regularly in gyms for users to burn calories, improve their cardiovascular system and tone their muscles.

Although in these establishments the wear and tear is greater than what it can suffer inside your home, if you really want to use your tape for many years, you must provide it with the necessary care.

So that you do not miss any detail and maintain your treadmill properly, we offer you the following recommendations:

  • Always keep the base and tread of this equipment clean, as the accumulation of dust causes unnecessary wear. You must clean the belt and its sides at least once a month, in this way you prevent dirt from affecting its motor or rollers.
  • Identify the parts that need to be lubricated on your treadmill or if it is a self-lubricating equipment, in which case you will not need to add oil, but be sure to read this feature in your user manual.
  • Check the alignment of the tread, as it is part of the maintenance that a treadmill needs ; if you notice that it has twisted, you will only need to adjust the bolts located on the sides of its rear part.
  • Minor adjustments may be necessary to ensure the band is in the correct position.
  • Keep an eye on the engine temperature as it is normal for it to increase while it is working, but it should not exceed 50 °C, which you can verify by placing your hand on the lid without burning yourself.
  • It controls the tension of the belt which is set at the factory, but it is something that can cause damage to the treadmill if it becomes loose. To perform this check you just have to turn on the equipment, select a slow speed and step strongly with your foot forward and down, if you feel it slipping it will be necessary to adjust the bolts.
  • When the band is worn and feels rough, it is necessary to change it, since this causes deterioration in the entire equipment and forces the engine.
  • Protect the electrical system with devices that regulate the voltage of the current.

treadmill failures

When you buy a treadmill you experience the pleasure of walking on it and you become familiar with its normal operation, based on this premise, some types of breakdowns that can occur are the following:

  • After the console starts, it shows an error code like E1, E2, E3, which represents a failure in the board that controls the motor and requires to be repaired or replaced.
  • Other motor failures that cause low speed on the treadmill, electrical problems, high friction on its belt or simply lack of maintenance of your walking appointment are frequent.
  • Most breakdowns in this type of equipment are caused by short circuits, which prevent the movement of the band despite the machine being turned on or stop after a short time of work.
  • Another frequent failure is that the belt does not move when the user is on it or it works incorrectly, it being possible that the motor is failing or the tread belt is stuck with the weight.
  • It is likely that when you turn off the equipment, your engine will continue to work, in which case it may be that the timing belt is worn and that it slips despite not being supplied with power.

How should your routines be on the treadmill to prolong its useful life?

The maintenance of the treadmill, as you have seen so far, is essential for it to maintain its performance and power, just as when you purchased it.

To do this, you must not only take care of each of its physical parts, but also use it in such a way that its belt and motor work without experiencing effort or wear. Take note of the following:

  • Start your training with low speed, for at least a couple of minutes without exceeding 4 km per hour, with this the machine will begin to distribute its lubrication evenly.
  • Before starting your routine on the treadmill, position your feet on the sides of your base and then turn on the machine to start moving.
  • If you have a treadmill, the ideal is that you use it for that specific function. Maintain a minimum speed of 6 kilometers per hour and try to walk less at it, as this can deteriorate it in a short time.
  • It is important that you reduce the effort of the engine, for this it is recommended that you increase the speed of your run and make some frequent stops, with this you dose the workload so that it does not overheat.
  • Remember that to preserve your tread it is important that when you get on the machine you keep your feet on its axis and never on the running surface.

With proper maintenance and following some of the recommendations such as those suggested above, you can enjoy many hours of efficient training on your treadmill.

Failures in this type of equipment are not usually frequent and if you take care of it properly, it will not give you any problems.