How to do an exercise routine at home for women

Going to the gym is not always easy. Due to lack of time or money, for example, on many occasions we have to completely discard this plan. For this reason, in the end the remedy we have left is to practice sports on our own. If you are one of those who find yourself in this situation, in this article we will explain how to do an exercise routine at home to make it easier for you.

Do an exercise routine at home

For women’s health, physical activity is essential. Doing it at home does not have any difficulty, in fact, on many occasions it is even more effective than going to the gym. For this reason, below we describe some exercises to strengthen your body and mind .

Leg exercises

If we want to be in shape, we must not forget to do leg exercise when carrying out our routine.


Doing a traditional squat basically consists of bending over at the knees and hips, until the hips drop below the knees, and rising back up to the starting position. It is a very simple exercise , but we must do it properly so that it is really effective and so that we do not suffer any type of injury or discomfort.


To exercise your calves , stand in front of a step with your back, head, and legs straight. Place one foot on the step and raise your body supporting yourself on that foot and stretching your leg as far as possible .

Lower again to return to the starting position slowly and noticing how the calf muscle stretches well. Once we are back in the position of the beginning, change legs repeating the same movement as before

Routine for arms, back and shoulders

hacer una rutina de ejercicios en casa

If we want to exercise seriously, we should not put aside the exercises to strengthen the arms. The back and shoulders are also important. We describe some exercises below.


Sit with your knees bent so that you are on your heels. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Place an elastic band under your right knee and hold it with your right hand.

Raise your arm by pulling the rubber towards your right shoulder. The upper arm has to be still while you pull the band , so the elbow has to be below the shoulder and close to the body. Relax the tension and return to the starting position. Do all the reps on the same side and then move to the other arm.


Lying on your stomach, looking down at the ground and your neck relaxed, we will alternately raise one leg and the opposite arm repeatedly .

Do you remember the movement we make while lying on our back to create an angel in the snow ? Well, an exercise to exercise the back consists of performing the same gesture but lying face down. On this occasion, we will do it with the forehead resting on the ground and moving both arms simultaneously, off the ground, up and down the body.


For shoulder exercises at home, it is best to have a resistance band . One of the exercises consists of placing the arms apart from each other, against a wall and holding the band. Stretch it to both sides, while doing circles moving your shoulders to the same side. The exercise can be performed at different heights to further stimulate the muscles .


On the other hand, to exercise the abdominals we must support the elbows and the tips of the feet on the ground, with the back straight and strongly contracting the abdominals. When you get into the correct posture , keep your shoulders neutral and don’t put your head between them.