How to choose paddle tennis shoes for women

Getting the right paddle shoe choice is not always easy. Although many start with running sports or other sports. Error. Padel shoes for women are very different. We explain why and how to choose the best option.

The foot of the man and the woman

It has been shown that men and women do not tread the same , do not have the same foot morphology, and, consequently, they cannot use the same type of shoes but rather ones adapted to their gender.

If biomechanics are different, why wear the same sports shoes? In fact, sports equipment brands have developed their own lines of paddle tennis shoes for women.

Likewise, paddle tennis shoes for women are less heavy, reducing weight in the cushioning, on which they depend less.

Tips to choose the perfect padel shoes for women

The truth is that the world of women’s sports shoes has been able to respond to a growing demand. In addition, there is the paradox that, unlike what happens with paddle tennis rackets, the shoes suffer greater wear, so they are renewed more frequently.

How to choose the best paddle tennis rackets for women? According to experts, evaluate the following points.

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The comfort

Key for the padelista to focus on the game and improve her performance on the court. When the shoe allows an optimal fit, breathes, and adapts to the movements of the player, we have a winning option for a women’s padel shoe.

The type of sole

The omni soles are ideal if you play mainly on artificial grass, but not for the rest of the surface.

Is it a flexible shoe?

Women tread differently, so those shoes that ensure optimal flexibility for the way you play must be prioritized. The arches are less hard and the flex grooves more numerous.

It is common to find women’s paddle tennis shoes with a slightly raised heel . This is because the heel suffers more in the players, so a reinforcement is included to minimize this damage.

That you feel good

This quality is one of the main ones to be calibrated when buying paddle tennis shoes for women . Keep in mind that, during the match, the player moves from one space to another trying to neutralize the opponent’s attack.

The price of padel shoes for women

Of course, the budget that you want to allocate to footwear cannot be set aside. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur player, trimming is not recommended in shoes. It’s about your health.

Remember that it is feasible to use men’s shoes or vice versa.

Are they breathable?

It may not seem like a determining factor, but it is. If your feet don’t feel dry, long matches can get even heavier.


Yes, it is also included as one of the factors that determine if you have chosen the best option in paddle tennis shoes. Try them on whenever possible. Even when you bet on the online channel to buy padel shoes for women.

Be careful, because to really be the size we need, it is advisable to buy at least half a number more than your usual number. During the game, the foot is not completely rigid, so it requires a certain space to avoid rubbing and discomfort.

Padel shoes and tennis shoes are not the same

Can I reuse my running shoes or tennis shoes that I use to rally on the court? Yes, but it is not recommended . Each model is designed for the use it can give it, the movements it will carry out and the needs it has to respond appropriately.

So, as you have seen, choosing paddle tennis shoes for women follows the same patterns as for any paddle tennis player, but with the particularities of the woman’s foot and game.