How to appeal a traffic ticket for speeding

How many times have you wondered how to appeal a traffic ticket ? Undoubtedly, it is a real nuisance to receive a notification from the General Directorate of Traffic at home and discover that you have been fined for violating any traffic regulations, such as speeding. There are people who directly resign themselves and accept what a mobile radar, for example, affirms. However, there are those who are not satisfied with this type of fines, so they decide to start the process of appealing it in order to get rid of the consequences that it can cause . If you want to be part of this last group, we will explain what steps you must take in these cases . It is possible that through this fact you will save some euros and, even, you will not have points deducted from your driving license.

How can I appeal a traffic ticket?

When asked how to appeal a traffic fine , not only do you have to take into account how this process is carried out, but you also have to be aware of the Traffic Law. In addition, it is essential to know what the rules of the road are. There are many people who receive a notification of this style and want to put in place all the possible mechanisms so as not to have to face what it requires. We want to help you and, therefore, we are going to tell you how to act in these cases .

The logical thing is that if you have received a notification, it is because you have committed a sanction. Therefore, you will have to end up paying it and face the consequences of your actions. However, there are some reasons why a fine can be appealed , you just have to know how. One of the reasons is that they have a defect of form . This means that the fine has erroneous information, such as the license plate of the car, or the name and surname of the offender. In these circumstances, most of the claims that occur are accepted. The reason is that they invalidate the fine. On the other hand, it is possible not to pay the penalty if the fine has prescribed . Also when specific evidence of the same is requested and the competent authorities do not have the possibility to present them.

All in all, we can say that appealing a fine is not difficult . The only thing that should be done is to write a resource with the explanations that affirm that this is unfair and, therefore, you should not face it.

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When to appeal a traffic ticket

In order to appeal a traffic fine , you have to know that you have twenty calendar days to do so. The fine can be notified at the time of the offense, it can be published in the BOE or it can be notified by postal mail. Now, if you decide to face the sanction, you can take advantage of the 50% discount for prompt payment , taking charge of it in the first twenty calendar days from its notification. This can be done over the Internet, at any Post Office, by calling 060, at any Provincial Traffic Headquarters or at any La Caixa branch.

Where to appeal a sanction

If the fine has been imposed by a local policeman, it can be appealed to the City Council of the locality in which it was imposed . It is as simple as going to the Town Hall and requesting a statement of allegations corresponding to this matter. In this case, you will have to fill in the details of the fine, those of the owner of the vehicle and briefly state with a text the reasons why you think you can avoid paying the penalty.

When you have filled out the appropriate document, you will have to register the latter, specifically at the registry office of the corresponding town hall . The officials will be in charge of sending the claim to the local police. They will be the ones who have to make the final decision. That is, they will have to decide whether they accept our appeal and, therefore, we would not have to face the payment or whether, on the contrary, they reject our allegations and, therefore, we have to pay the penalty that they have imposed on us.

In the event that the fine has been imposed by the General Directorate of Traffic , it is necessary to make a claim for the penalty. In this case, you have to create a statement of allegations or a defense statement, using, if possible, legal language. In short, a resource with which to get the resolution revoked, either partially or totally. Remember that the DGT Electronic Headquarters, on its website, gives citizens the opportunity to present appeals and allegations in those disciplinary proceedings that have been processed by this body.

Essential points of an allegation

Regarding the points that cannot be missing in an allegation to revoke a traffic ticket, there are the following:

All allegations must contain the following information :

  • The name, surnames and NIF of the interested party
  • If the person presenting the document is an authorized representative, they must provide a supporting document
  • The file number, the vehicle registration number or the bulletin number of the complaint
  • Description of the facts and evidence that would corroborate them
  • Signature of the interested party.

Car insurance and legal claim

On the other hand, do not forget that some car insurances are responsible for the defense and legal claim . In this way, you have the possibility of forgetting about all the paperwork, since it will be the workers who are part of the insurance who will take care of it.

Now, our highest recommendation is that you always comply with the traffic regulations . It is a way of not receiving any notification and, in addition, to protect your life and that of others. The reason is that if we are responsible at the wheel, the risk of an accident will be minimal and we will feel safe whenever we have to drive any vehicle.