How much does an administrative assistant charge per month in Spain?

Do you want to know how much an administrative assistant charges ? Of course, there are differences between the state administrative and between one that does not belong to the latter. It is increasingly common to find a way to earn a monthly salary without suffering the fact of not making ends meet or having an uncertain future. For this reason, many people bet on looking for a job in which they can develop and have an exit as soon as possible . In this way, the objective of taking some exams and living peacefully the rest of his life grows. Work and salary is more than important in our day to day. Thus, sometimes it is necessary to analyze the different jobs that we can choose to start carving a path for ourselves.

Salary of a State Administrative Assistant

When asked how much an administrative assistant charges , it must be said that, at times, it is difficult to find the exact figure. The reason is that there are various factors that influence this number. We are not talking about a fixed salary, but it depends on various circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze each one of them in order to be able to solve this question in which so many people are interested. For example, some of the data that we have to have on hand to be able to make correct calculations are extraordinary payments and supplementary seniority benefits .

Thus, in the first place we can say that the salary of an administrative assistant is 7,803.96 euros per year . Now, behind this figure there is much more, because we must add extraordinary payments and other supplements that allow us to affirm that an assistant of these characteristics receives between one thousand and one thousand four hundred gross euros per month. However, we must take into account the following:

  • Extraordinary pay is received twice, once in June and once in December.
  • As the administrative assistant adds years to his seniority, his salary will also increase. Thus, every three years worked, the monthly amount that seniors will receive will be 19.46 euros.
  • Regarding the destination complement, we can say that it depends on the level of the job he performs. The difference between one or the other is large, since the amount can vary between 300 and 540 euros per month.
  • The specific complement depends on the level of difficulty and responsibility of each position.
  • The Productivity Plug-in may be recognized on some occasions. It is a special add-on.
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Differences between the salary of an administrative and an administrative assistant

The first difference that we can find between the salary of an administrative and an administrative assistant is that the former charges more than the latter . The reason is that it is part of a higher category. Thus, for example, if we focus on the salary of the Administrative, we can say that the annual is 9376.68 euros, when we have said that the assistant only reaches 7803.96 euros. On the other hand, to the amount that we have just mentioned, we must add the extraordinary payments. We can also say that every three years 28.59 euros per month would be added to the monthly salary. Also, taking into account the specific supplement and the destination supplement, the administrative may receive between 300 and 540 euros more per month . In this way, if we take into account each of the concepts that we have just described, the salary of a State Administrative is between 1400 and 1800 euros.

Reasons to prepare a competitive examination

There are many reasons why a person decides to prepare for a competitive examination . We are not only talking about betting on a permanent job, but there are other rights that within the civil service body can be verified day after day and in different circumstances. In this way, it is possible to talk about the following points.

Reconciliation of family and professional life

One of the great problems for many workers today is that, taking into account their working conditions, it seems impossible for them to be able to take care of their work and their family in a truly responsible way . Therefore, one option for people is to fight for a position in which they can dedicate themselves to their work and the people around them in a simple way.

Living wage

Those who work for the State receive conditions that allow them to have a high quality of life .

Labor rights

Officials have rights that many private companies do not offer , such as business days or moscosos, for example. In this way, it is easier to go to work knowing that the job gives you the opportunity to bet on a private life.