How do you know if you are eating correctly?

The human body is wise and one of the most perfect machines in nature. Therefore, when something does not go well, try to communicate with you to tell you. And if you are not eating properly and it is affecting other bodily functions, it sends you signals to try to correct your mistake. Do you want to know if you are giving your body what it needs , or if on the contrary you are gorging it with foods that are not good for it? Here are five ways to know if the diet you are following is working well for your body.

5 signs that you are eating correctly

1. You go to the bathroom regularly

A lot of people don’t talk about this, but going to the bathroom at least once a day is vital and you should do it every day. Naturally, each person and each body is different, but there are certain parameters that can help us define what is normal: one to three times a day, and no less than five or six times a week. Constipation is one of the most important signs that we are not eating properly and that something is wrong with us. Therefore, pay attention to your intestinal transit and correct your diet if necessary.

2. You sleep better

Those who are not eating properly and are in the habit of eating processed foods or junk food in large quantities will know what it’s like to wake up with a horrible stomach ache. Many people attribute these heartburn to stomach infections, gases or viruses, but the truth is that the only problem is that they are not eating the right foods for their body. When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, digestions are less heavy and it is impossible for them to take away your sleep , so if you have trouble sleeping for this reason it is probably because you are not eating well.

Cómo saber si te estás alimentando correctamente

3. You get sick less often and are less tired

When we are not feeding ourselves correctly, our immune system suffers and we are prone to getting sick more easily: colds, flu, stomach viruses, infections … On the contrary, if our diet is healthy and balanced, our defenses are strong enough to fight any external agent that wants to attack our body. Never get sick and feel like you have energy to spare for the whole day? Perfect, that is, you are eating right and you are healthy as a pear!

4. Your weight stays stable without obsessing over diets.

An obvious yet true side effect of eating properly is that you don’t have to continually struggle with the fridge and scale to maintain a stable weight. If you change your diet by substituting processed foods for their natural and wholegrain variants, reducing your intake of sugars and saturated fats, and increasing your intake of vegetables, your weight will drop and remain low . You won’t need to count calories, fat grams, or weigh your food on a scale.

5. You are happier

Some may think that this statement is a bit bold, but it is no less true for that. When you are eating correctly, your body is healthier, your hormonal secretions are better regulated and, in general, you feel happier . When you find yourself lighter and more rested, see that your mood and skin improve and that the clothes fit you wonderfully (and you even have to buy smaller sizes), your self-esteem shoots up … Who knows, maybe the way to happiness start with a healthy and balanced diet.