Hemp protein? These are your benefits

It may not sound like anything to us, but hemp is a seed that is full of health benefits, and among them, the amount of healthy proteins that it offers the body. But not everything is perfect, there are also certain contraindications and today we will also know whether or not we are within the group of people who should never consume hemp.

Hemp is a very peculiar seed that comes from Cannabis Sativa (not considered a drug) also known as hemp flour. It is used as a 100% plant-based powder supplement to obtain protein quickly and easily.

This food is becoming very fashionable due to the nutritional benefits obtained from it. Among them we want to highlight omega 3, the large amount of fiber and essential minerals such as potassium and iron.

The best of all is that it does not contain psychoactive substances, even so, it is still a food with certain adverse effects that we will see at the end of the text and which we must bear in mind so as not to suffer serious allergic reactions and serious consequences.

For what do you use it?

The big question is this, and the other would be what is it for? which is practically the same. Well, hemp protein is often used as a dietary supplement to obtain large amounts of protein quickly and easily.

Those who use it are usually athletes looking for a plus in their day to day to improve their workouts. In this way they increase the consumption of proteins and minerals as important as iron and magnesium.

It is also often used by vegans and vegetarians to increase their nutritional values and to improve iron levels, which, in some cases, are usually low in this type of diet. Minerals such as magnesium and iron are important to avoid situations such as obesity, poor circulation, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and hypertension.

On the other hand, its use is common in students or workers subjected to a lot of stress and anxiety, to be able to overcome these physical and mental efforts.

Proteína de cñamo en polvo

Nutritional values

Hemp protein has somewhat striking nutritional values. To begin with, it is not recommended more than 30 grams a day , and can go up to 60 grams, but that is already under the responsibility of each one, and as long as you have an enviable health.

For each 30-gram serving we obtain about 80 kilocalories, almost 12 grams of proteins of vegetable origin and of high biological value, 4 grams of fat, 2.4 grams of carbohydrates and almost 7 grams of fiber.

Regarding the vitamins and minerals of hemp protein, we have 6 mg of calcium for every 30 grams of product, 4.5 mg of iron, 140 mg of magnesium, 240 mg of potassium and 2.3 mg of zinc. Vitamins are group A, B, C, D and E.


We have already seen that hemp seed powder is perfect for athletes and young people in stress situations, as well as for diets low in animal protein. Now we continue our learning, and we will understand why this product has become so popular, and it is that it has many benefits for the body.

Improves muscle health

As we have seen before, we must consume a maximum of 60 grams of this protein powder if we want to improve the health of our muscles and our body, in general. With this supplement what is achieved is to create new muscle fibers, but for this it is necessary to combine its action with the practice of sports.

Hemp protein is used mainly to improve our physical form, and, therefore, to lose weight.

It helps weight loss, since it only has healthy fats and if it is combined with moderate sports, the burning of fats is increased. It is clear that this is a supplement, at no time is it a substitute food, we just have to mix it with a natural juice or some good-tasting drink and take about 30 grams a day.

It can be used in hot and cold drinks, since it is a very soluble powder in any type of liquid and being tasteless we can take it with whatever we want.

Polvo de cáñamo

Protects from diseases

It is not a miracle food, but it does help when combined with a series of healthy habits such as a very healthy diet and moderate physical activity several times a week.

This soluble powder helps us prevent arthritis and rheumatism, as well as heart disease. Another thing is that in a natural way and through our genetics we are predestined to suffer certain diseases.

It also helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels , increases blood circulation and with it improves oxygenation of the body, lowers blood pressure and calms fatigue, nerves and tiredness.

Help with PMS and menopause

For women, all CBD-related products have benefits in painful menstruation, in premenstrual syndrome, which is so unsettling in the body, and during menopause. So the hemp protein was not going to be less.

This soluble powder that we must take daily, if we want, no one should force us, it helps us better cope with the effects of PMS on our body, as well as the ups and downs of menopause, especially if the woman is not medicated correctly.


Of course, there are so many contraindications. Without going any further, this product should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. No negative effect has been shown, but just in case we strongly advise against it.

Babies and children should not either, it is not a game, their health may be affected. We do not recommend it under any circumstances.

Those with allergies to soybeans and nuts should not consume seeds or any by-product of hemp. Therefore, if consumed, they can have unpleasant adverse effects such as vomiting, suffocation, dizziness, hives, diarrhea, etc.

Those who have kidney disease should not consume hemp, as well as those who are taking medications for blood circulation, since among the properties we have seen that it favors circulation.