Hangover remedies: curb discomfort with these tips

The negative effect that alcohol generates on our body is well known to all. Both long and short term. Although we are able to metabolize a certain amount of this spirit substance, overdoing it leads to intoxication. Since we all like to drink more than necessary on occasion, in this article we offer you the most effective hangover remedies.

Of course, the best way to avoid the associated discomfort is not to consume alcohol. At least on a regular basis, leaving this one for special occasions. Something that, surely, you have already considered after a bad day on the sofa at home.

Hangover remedies

The symptoms of alcohol poisoning depend on many factors . From weight, age, quantity and even sex, women being more sensitive to its effects.

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Although it is hard to believe, there is nothing that can eliminate the devastating effects of alcohol on our body. Yes there are certain guidelines or remedies for hangovers, but recovering to 100% is quite difficult , if not impossible.

In this, and in many other cases, time heals everything, the hangover included. So with patience, rest, and the following remedies you will be able to recover.

Face the hangover armed with patience

It is important that you become aware of the state of your body and your mind after having drunk more alcohol than necessary. This can make you unable to perform certain activities, such as driving, working, or doing anything else. Therefore, it may be necessary to take care of yourself as if you had a “real” disease; fortunately this will pass in hours.

The body, to recover, needs to rest . Taking complete rest can be the key to getting through the day.

Hydration is essential

The intake of alcohol generates a fairly high state of dehydration in the body. Its chemical characteristics make it a great diuretic . This results in an increase in urine levels, which, in addition to liquid, eliminates important salts for the body.

Given this scenario, it is important to take notes for the next few times, and remember to drink water between each drink . Logically, with the hangover on top, this becomes a necessity. Hydrate yourself , drink infusions and try to avoid coffee. Broths or well-known sports drinks are a good option.

The fruit helps to recover sugars that provide energy, as well as vitamins and fiber. It may cost you even to eat, but fruit juices are a great alternative. Bananas and bananas are also a superfood in these situations.

Purifying diet

It is vital that you eat food (and not exactly the kind they bring you home). Eating green vegetables, such as artichokes, broccoli, or endive may be the best cleansing diet .

You should avoid very fatty meats; look for protein in products like eggs. This will allow you to regain the strength of your muscles.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, taurine or the like

A bad hangover day can seem impossible to cope with without coffee or something to bring you back to life. But it can be what really prevents you from resting and, therefore, recovering.

Sleep and go back to sleep as much as you can

Rest, being calm and relaxed is very important when faced with alcohol poisoning. However, the biggest contributor to getting rid of a hangover is sleeping . Indeed, a restful sleep will be what brings you closer to your normal state. Therefore, we emphasize avoiding consuming stimulants that do not allow you to sleep.

The shower is not your salvation

Unlike what is believed, taking a warm shower is not going to help you at all. In fact, it can contribute to further dehydration. Thus, although it seems very relaxing, in the shower is not the solution. In any case, take a warm shower .

Some pill can help

Among the ailments associated with hangovers, headaches, as well as gastrointestinal problems, are classic symptoms. If you are going to support yourself in the consumption of a drug, you must eat something before.

In addition, it is recommended that you wait until the end of the day to take certain medications, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. This will help you eliminate the headache and rest better.

It is very important that, if you have not taken these medications before, you consult a specialist.

Exercise can ensure a good night’s sleep

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind. It really is insane . But a little activity, like a 30-minute walk, can be key to getting to sleep after a day of complete rest.

Run away from myths

If you have punished your body with a certain amount of alcohol, there is nothing to prevent you from having a bad day. More and more drink beer or any other alcoholic beverage, as is often recommended in the proverb. This will only make your condition worse and you will need more time to recover.

So we advise you to take note of the referred hangover remedies and if you can, avoid having to apply them by drinking moderately.