Getting rid of lice is easy if you follow these tips

It is very common, especially at certain times of the year, for children to be attacked by lice , therefore, it is highly recommended to be alert and have some tricks on hand against them.

One of the warning signs is when children start to scratch their heads very often. This behavior can give us to intuit that small invaders could be lurking, causing great discomfort in both the child and the parents.

Lice are small parasites, almost imperceptible to the human eye, that inhabit the heads of children between 0 and 10 years of age. Parents and siblings can also be affected, since the louse has the peculiarity of jumping from head to head.

Also, it is known as pediculosis . This infection, which seems simple, must be treated immediately, since eliminating lice sometimes becomes an ordeal. The sooner we become aware of their presence, the less it will cost us to get rid of them.

Whether in the home, school, parks or any shopping center, lice are there, lurking. Although specialists insist that people could be infected by using combs or hairbrushes, this claim is not confirmed.

Lice lodge on the scalp of the infected person. Once there, they feed on bites by which they draw blood from the person. Those bites are what generate irritability and itching.

Lice are basically identified by observation on the scalp. The moment they are identified, the infection must be treated immediately. We have a wide range of insecticidal shampoos to eliminate not only lice but also eggs or nits.

Eliminate lice with simple methods

After a person is confirmed to have such small invaders on their scalp, they should be treated immediately. We should try special lotions based on permethrin and pyrethrin. Although in many cases, the resistance of their eggs does not succumb to such treatment, it is necessary to use much more powerful insecticides.

In addition to lotions, there are other herbal remedies and home remedies that provide an alternative to this problem.

The eucalyptus leaf is one of the favorite home remedies to prevent the presence of lice in children. For this, you need to boil a few eucalyptus leaves in a liter of water. Then let it cool to apply on the head of the affected person.

remedio casero

The head of garlic is also an excellent remedy against lice. It must be crushed and mixed in half a liter of water. After the mixture rests for a few hours, it is applied to the hair. Afterwards, the head should be wrapped with a plastic cap or a bag. It is recommended to perform this procedure at night and remove it the next day.

In Spain, baby oil is widely used against pediculosis since its composition contributes to the elimination of these parasites. Its use consists of soaking the person’s head and covering it with a hat for a few hours. Afterwards, wash the hair with shampoo and repeat this process a week later.

Apple cider vinegar is not only used for salads, but also as an antidote to lice. This remedy consists of applying apple cider vinegar from the scalp to the ends. It is advisable to repeat this process until 100% effectiveness is achieved. For many, its smell can be annoying, so it is suggested to add it to the shampoo.

Home remedies will always be an alternative to health conditions. In case these methods do not solve the problem, it is always recommended to attend the doctor.