Get fit with a cardio machine at home No gym!

A good physical condition helps us to lead a much healthier life, oriented towards happiness. Many people tend to join the gym for this. However, there is the possibility of exercising from the comfort of home . So if you want to know how to get in shape with a cardio machine at home, without going to the gym, read on.

Types of machines to do cardio at home

There are a wide variety of quite practical machines to be able to do cardio from the comfort of your home. Although they may vary according to their structure and functions, they share the same purpose. Next, we will talk about some of them, so that you can choose the option that best suits what you are looking for .


Without a doubt one of the most popular, seen both in gyms and in television commercials. And, the treadmill is characterized by offering a wide variety of functions. Thus, a very versatile item to perform your cardio practices in the most comfortable way .

Whether you want to walk a bit, jog or even run, the limit is up to you. That is one of the main advantages of this accessory. This is why it is usually the favorite for many people, as it adapts according to your training pace and your capabilities .

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máquina de cardio en casa

Step machine

We find another quite characteristic accessory to do cardio exercises. And, the step machine will make your routine as well as fun, it will be familiar to you. Since, this article basically what it does, is to simulate the prolonged practice of the movement that is performed when we are going up some stairs.


Following with the best options to get in shape with a cardio machine at home, we have the famous bicycles. The curious thing about this sports article is that they can be divided into different classifications, such as:

  • The bicycle to perform Spinning.
  • Stationary bicycle.
  • Elliptical bike.

Obviously, each one fulfills particular functions. Therefore, it is worth seeking good advice in this regard, in order to choose the most suitable bicycle for you. A page that can be of great help to obtain more information in this regard is There, you can find from advice, to opinions about it.

Advantages of getting in shape with a cardio machine at home

There are multiple advantages that can be taken into account to perform cardio from home. One of these main advantages being the fact of saving both the money and the time that would be invested being in a gym. In addition, you can also establish your own training routine , as well as your schedules, using only the necessary equipment.