Everything you need to know about cooking in the oven

The oven has been in our kitchen for several decades and today there are still several doubts, so we have decided to make a kind of guide to get the most out of this appliance. We are going to crumble the benefits and drawbacks of cooking in the oven and we will also say utensils and materials that we should never mater inside an oven.

There are those who cook out of their minds and everything goes wrong, on the other hand, other cooking relaxes, helps them and even puts them in a good mood. Then there is a middle ground in which there are those who only cook certain things and the rest take it directly to the oven or microwave because the food is brought to them by tupperware companies at home.

No one can deny that the oven solves many meals for us and gives a special touch to meats and fish. Also, compared to frying, cooking in the oven is healthier.

Cooking in the oven has its pros and cons and not just any container will do. For this reason, throughout this text we are going to discover the benefits of cooking in the oven, its drawbacks, some tips to be a good cook with the oven and we are going to discover if cooking in this appliance is really healthy.

Is cooking in the oven healthy?

The answer is yes. When we cook in the oven, the food is lower in fat , so we will have fewer calories and it would be healthier for our body. Cooking in the oven requires very little oil, thus reducing the chances of having greasy and unhealthy food.

We must also be consistent with what we eat, it is not the same to grill a chicken or make a vegetable lasagna than to add 4 layers of bacon to a few vegetables and add cheese and sauces.

Baking in the oven does not mistreat the nutrients, so we will obtain all the properties of the food we are eating. This is because the oven uses dry heat, so many of the most essential vitamins and minerals survive without problems.

Something very important is taste, and more so when it comes to infant feeding. Cooking in the oven enhances the flavors of foods, making them more palatable.

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Advantages of cooking in the oven

Cooking in the oven is very good as we have seen in the previous section, but now we are going to go a step further and we are going to indicate some of its main advantages. Some of its main advantages have to do with making cooking in the oven healthier.

We save time

This is one of the main advantages of cooking in the oven, and it is that while the food is inside cooking over low heat, we can do several things such as putting washing machines; clean the car outside; Wash the dog; iron clothes for the week; cook other recipes; call or video call a family member or friend; check social networks; get ahead of work, and even go for a short walk.

More than saving time, it is efficient use of time . It is very important to take advantage of the time throughout the day, to be able to enjoy the afternoon with the family, go on errands, go to the gym, etc.

Vitamins and minerals are maintained

It is something that we have already advanced in the previous section. And yes, cooking in the oven is healthier and one of the main reasons is because the minerals and vitamins in the food remain intact.

By using dry heat, it preserves minerals and vitamins such as A, group B, C, D, E and K. This makes the oven one of the healthiest cooking methods since food is more nutritious using this small appliance. .

Taste and texture improve

Be careful not to overcook it, since, instead of improving the appearance and taste of the food, we could cook it quickly. Not another thing, but in the oven, if we spend half a minute, the food goes from being perfect to being charred.

By slow cooking, the flavors are enhanced. It is well known by all that the food we bake has a pleasant and very particular cooking texture, in addition the smell is usually very striking and delicious, both are combined and make the meals very tasty and attractive.

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Disadvantages of using the oven

Not everything was going to be laughter and happiness. There are a number of downsides and drawbacks to using the oven for cooking. Like everything in life there are things that no matter how perfect they seem, have disadvantages, even if they are very few, as is the case with the oven.

  • It is an appliance that gets dirty very easily and should be cleaned after each use.
  • It is easy for food to burn if we are not aware or do not control the time.
  • We can get burned if we don’t use protection.
  • It uses a lot of energy, so the cost of electricity is increased and the monthly bill increases.
  • As a general rule, they are very durable appliances, but they can also suffer breakdowns.
  • It does not serve to cook any food nor can any container or material be inserted, as is the case with the microwave.

Tips for using an oven

Although it is an appliance that we have been using for years, it is important to know some basic tips that will make the life of the oven longer and will help us to achieve much better recipe results.

  • The oven cools itself, it is not necessary to open the door. On the contrary, when opened, the structure cools quickly and deforms.
  • We must use long and thick gloves that cover up to the elbow to take out, move, turn around, etc. with maximum security.
  • The oven must be cleaned after each use, otherwise, when you cook again, the odors will mix and the cheese that melted yesterday will char and smell horrible.
  • It requires a container and materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. We cannot put single-use plastic, or glass or ceramic that is not prepared for those temperatures, nor should we put paper, cardboard, aluminum or plastic bags.