Eating breakfast without bread is possible with these ideas

Breakfast without bread is not a passing fad, but it is an option just as valid as those who decide to have toast for breakfast. On this occasion, a breakfast without bread can be a very good option in case of being on a weight loss diet, if we are diabetic, if we have a ketogenic diet, etc.

When we think of having breakfast, toast with pate, ham, oil, chocolate, hummus, etc. almost always comes to mind. But there is a world of possibilities beyond using bread for breakfast. In addition, many of those breakfasts with bread tend to use sliced bread and they are very versatile and tasty slices, but also very unhealthy because they are loaded with refined oils, refined flours, many sugars, etc.

It is best to use artisan bread , made with 100% wholemeal flour and olive oil, which is low in fat, sugar and salt and if it has seeds, the better. But if we do not like bread or do not feel like it that day, there is a wide variety of breakfasts without bread at our fingertips. We just have to take a good look.

We have to do everything possible so that bread is not the daily protagonist of all our breakfasts. Eating quality bread is fine, but we should not introduce it several times a day, but several times a week and look for alternatives

Benefits of having breakfast without bread

Although bread and cereals themselves are very beneficial for the body, an abuse of this can make us gain weight, cause glucose peaks, affect our heart health and increase cholesterol, etc. That is why we must reduce the consumption of bread from several times a day, to only several times a week and give priority to other types of food such as fruits, dairy products, eggs, and eat quality cereals and nuts.

Ejemplo de desayuno sin pan

Lower risk of heart attack

By saying goodbye to bread at breakfast, we will be healthier and reduce the risk of suffering from some type of heart or cerebrovascular disease. This is due to eating low-quality white bread, however, 100% whole wheat bread helps reduce cholesterol, prevents obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Obviously, giving up bread and eating industrial pastries puts us in the same position or worse. For this benefit to be effective, like the rest, we have to go in unison, and that implies having a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

Regulated sugar level

The carbohydrates in breads are rapidly absorbed and this causes spikes in blood glucose. Thus, if we stop consuming bread, or at least low-quality breads that are not 100% whole, our sugar level will be easily regulated and the probability of suffering from type 2 diabetes will decrease.

It is likely that at the beginning of rejecting the bread we feel that we have little energy, that is a kind of withdrawal syndrome. In a few days it disappears and everything returns to normal. Remember that refined sugar is not called a drug for fun, but because it creates addiction.

Helps to lose weight

Stopping eating bread helps to deflate us and since there are no carbohydrates, the body takes energy from stored fat, so we lose weight. Basically this is the main fundamental of the keto diet and what has made it so famous, although in reality this diet was designed to reduce epilepsy attacks in children. This is because an abuse of sugar damages the brain, apart from many other organs.

Cravings and snacking are reduced

Bread, especially poor quality bread and sliced bread, is usually high in rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, so it is low in satiety and increases the number of snacks we do throughout the morning. So, if we save bread at breakfast, we reap all the fruits of all these benefits that we have discussed above.

If we want to eat bread one day or at some point, it is best to choose 100% wholemeal bread, and read the label carefully to make sure it is 100% wholemeal and we are not being deceived.

In addition, by abandoning these low-quality carbohydrates and sugars, we will feel more energetic , healthy and positive, but be careful, we may suffer withdrawal syndrome.

Desayuno con pan, huevo y aguacate

Who should avoid bread?

White bread and bread in general should be avoided by some people, such as celiacs, who are on a weight loss or definition diet, who want to eat a ketogenic diet, etc. But beyond what seems so obvious, there are certain people who must reduce their consumption of bread.

On the one hand, and guiding us from the benefits of leaving bread for breakfast, diabetics should ignore bread, at least the low quality ones that are loaded with fats, refined flours, refined oils, sugars, salt, and others.

If we have high cholesterol, risk of cardiovascular accident, heart disease, weight problems, among others, we should put aside bread, especially white bread and low-quality mold plans.

The best thing is that the bread we consume is 100% wholemeal, that is, that on its label it says that it is made with 100% wholemeal flour . That reduces calories, fat, and carbohydrates, and increases fiber and nutritional value.

Breakfast ideas without bread

Knowing that bread is not as good as they had led us to believe, now we are going to discover some ideas for breakfasts without bread that are perfect for taking before work or going to class. Quick, simple and very nutritious breakfasts.

Eggs in all its variants

Whether they are scrambled, fried, microwaved, boiled, omelette, etc. Eggs are very nutritious and provide that shot of vitamins and minerals so essential for the body, it is key so that the rest of our day only gets better.

When cooking, it is best to use extra virgin olive oil , but not much, and accompany the eggs with spinach, turkey, York ham, cheese, slices of zucchini, etc. The question is to properly complement the egg.

Yogurt with fruits and / or cereals

The easiest thing in the world is to pour a yogurt into a bowl and add healthy muesli and pieces of fruit. This is served for breakfast or as a dessert after dinner or a very light lunch such as a salad. There are those who also mechanize cereals and add dried fruit flakes such as coconut, and even seeds or chocolate chips.

Unpudin con chía y naranja

Chia pudding with fruits

When we think of pudding a kind of yogurt comes to mind and it is true, the pudding is usually made in an elongated jar or in a standard 250 ml glass and yogurt is added (always Greek type, natural and without sugar), Now the chia seeds and let it rest for an hour. Next, the fruit pieces are added. In these cases, there are those who add extras such as crunchy cereals, dried fruits or chocolate.

Oatmeal and banana cookies with chocolate

The most famous cookies on all of Instagram. All you need is ripe bananas, an egg, and oatmeal. We mix it all in a bowl and with the oven preheated to 180 grams we place small balls of dough on the tray (which must be covered with vegetable paper previously).

There are those who bathe these cookies in pure chocolate and there are also those who add chocolate shavings to the initial mixture. The good thing about oats is that it is very satiating, with which we will avoid snacking, in addition, oats give a lot of energy to endure a training session or a work day.

Cereal with milk

The classic among the classics, but be careful, since it does not serve just any type of cereal. You have to stay away from those that are sugary and choose only whole grains. There are basic or dipped in honey, and also in chocolate. Here everyone chooses what they like the most, but the important thing is that they are low in sugar, colorants, additives and that they have a high percentage of whole grains, that is, at least 80%.

Regarding milk. The best option is either whole milk, or vegetable milk of oatmeal without sugars . Choosing a good non-dairy milk is very simple, just read the label and have at least 15% of the main ingredient and then there is only water. No oils, no salts, no thickeners, no additives, no flavor enhancers, or anything.


Here oats are once again the protagonist and, as we say, it is a very healthy source of energy. Here we can also choose vegetable milk. It would be a breakfast of 10 if we accompany it with nuts, seeds and fresh fruits of the season.

The porridge is made by mixing milk and oatmeal until it is somewhat thick, we add cinnamon or vanilla and the fruits and seeds. Remember that the milk must be hot, so that it enhances the flavor of the other ingredients.

Crepes con chocolate y fresas

Pancakes or crepes (sweet and savory)

Pancakes and crepes are the most typical options. We can make them salty or sweet, since we can fill them or spread them with cocoa and hazelnut cream, jam, peanut butter, with fresh vegetables, scrambled eggs, cooked ham, sliced turkey, cheese, etc.

Waffles also come in here, and that is because in the dough itself we can add cheese, even spinach or grated carrots, zucchini, etc. and then accompany them with a natural fruit juice.


We refer to the round wheat cakes so typical in Mexican food. These cakes are very versatile and we can fill them with both sweet and salty. It should be said that, it is preferable that the cakes are whole , thus we reduce the consumption of sugars.

Like crepes, quesadillas can be filled with a multitude of options. The good thing is that the quesadillas are more resistant and we can put them inside a sandwich maker or double-sided griddle to heat sandwiches.

Microwave biscuits

With a simple cup (microwave safe) and 7 ingredients that we all have at home, we can get a miniature cake perfect for having something delicious for breakfast. The ingredients are flour, erythritol (healthy sweetener), pure cocoa powder, 1 egg, extra virgin olive oil or good quality butter, choco shavings and a small splash of milk or vegetable drink.