Do you know how to start your business as a personal trainer? We help you

Thinking of starting a business as a personal trainer ? It is a profession that is increasingly in demand since our sedentary lifestyle means that more and more people want to get in shape in a personalized way . It is true that you can train independently and that even in parks there are machines that allow you to exercise your body in a simple way. However, each person has different characteristics and, therefore, the method they have to follow to achieve specific results is different from what someone else would need to reach the same point.

Therefore, if you want to make a living in the sports world, a good option would be to create your own business as a personal trainer . It may seem like a difficult path at first, but as time goes by and you get involved, you will be glad you made the decision to create a future that you are passionate about and that, without a doubt, you are good at.

How to start a business as a personal trainer

When starting a business as a personal trainer , there are many factors that you have to take into account. Where are you going to practice your profession? Are you going to specialize in any subject? Are you going to have partners or colleagues? You have to have some very clear ideas to be able to start the path in an efficient way.

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Work space

One of the most important factors in these cases is the workspace . When it comes to playing sports, not just any corner will do, but you have to create a friendly and, above all, safe environment. Thus, for example, you will have to take into account the quality of the air in the training place . To achieve this, suppliers such as RS Components offer a wide range of humidity meters that will allow you to know if the level of humidity in your training rooms is, or not, healthy for your clients. It is also important to maintain a balanced temperature, and this will even depend on the level of exercise each client undergoes.


Not all training places offer the same activities to get in shape. Therefore, you have to do a market study to find out which sports are the most demanded to attract the public to your business . Sports such as aerobics, for example, have been left behind, giving way to urban dance or Zumba, among other specialties.

Likewise, yoga or pilates are becoming more and more fashionable because society is looking for disciplines that train all the muscles of the body, in addition to relaxing the mind and connecting with the deepest “I”.

Social media

Right now, if a business is not on the Internet, it is as if it did not exist . The reason is obvious: before enrolling in your company, people will want to see the services offered in a simple way. In addition, they will like to see interior photos of the facilities to know where they are going to train. On the other hand, indicating prices or discounts without having to contact the sports center directly is an advantage.

Advertising and merchandising

Of course, when a person wants to start a business, whether as a personal trainer or in another specialty, it is necessary to make it known from the outset . It can be done through merchandising , which will attract the attention of anyone, using, in this case, sports towels or water bottles, among other elements. Advertising, such as posters or business cards, is also recommended. What’s more, invitations to test the facilities before becoming a member creates great confidence in potential customers . Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in what you believe so that your idea succeeds.