Do you know how to do balayage highlights at home? Learn with our tricks

It is natural to always want to do our best, but not only on a personal level, but also on a physical level. For this reason, we face the mirror every day to find out how we can cut or dye our hair, hydrate our skin or illuminate our eyes in a simple way. Also, fashions come and go, and there are certain tricks that go from the hairdresser to the home in a simple way . Therefore, we are going to show you step by step how to do balayage highlights at home . What at first you thought impossible, now, without a doubt, is a reality.

How to do balayage highlights at home

There have always been two options when it comes to giving your hair reflections that will fill it with life and shine . One of them was to go to a beauty salon to spend several hours and the other to cover the hair for a long time with aluminum foil. However, times change and techniques evolve. Now you no longer need so much involvement when it comes to showing off a heart attack mane and betting on a change of look that we are sure will favor you. To achieve this, you just have to know how to do balayage highlights at home . In this way, forget about dull hair and bet on this French technique that was born in the seventies.

Our first tip is to go for a soft coloring . This means that our hair will show, in some areas, one or two shades lighter than our natural tone. It is a way to offer a more authentic image , while the color is much more integrated throughout the mane.

como hacer mechas balayage en casa

Coloring kit

After having made the appropriate decisions regarding the tone we want and the part of the hair that we are going to dye, it is time to buy a coloring kit that will allow us to carry out the entire process comfortably and at home. These types of packs come with an applicator comb that gives the opportunity to “sweep” the hair involving several strands at the same time.

Divide the hair into two sections

Once the above is done, we have to divide the hair into two sections . Both must be brushed well in order to sweep them through several applications of the product each time we pass the bristles through our hair. If we want our hair to appear as natural as possible , it is advisable to start this brushing, or sweeping, at different heights. This is the only way to avoid the root effect and enjoy luminous hair for much longer. On the other hand, we also have to leave the same space between applications in order to avoid the zebra effect on the hair . Finally, within this section, it is necessary to review the front strands to give the face maximum illumination.

Other ways to create a homemade balayage

In addition to the above, there are other ways to achieve perfect balayage highlights without having to go to a hairdresser.

Coloring kit

In this case, it is necessary to acquire some hairdressing supplies , among which are a cape or towel, gloves, an applicator brush, the coloring kit and hydrogen peroxide, tweezers to separate the hair, a comb, cling film or cotton, and a plastic bowl to be able to mix some of the elements mentioned above.

We are going to get the coloring that we are going to need to give a greater illumination in our hair by mixing the bleaching powders with hydrogen peroxide. Of course, it is very important to bet on the adequate volume of hydrogen peroxide. This will depend on the concentration that exists with respect to hydrogen peroxide, since, taking into account the level of the latter, the level of coloration will be higher or lower.

Therefore, in the event that we are lightening our hair one or two tones, the ideal is to acquire the twenty-volume hydrogen peroxide . This product is perfect for those who have not dyed their hair before. Now, in the case of having thicker hair or wanting to make the coloring even more intense, with more than two tones, hydrogen peroxide of thirty volumes will be ideal. Now, what would happen if we bet on 40-volume hydrogen peroxide? That we would lighten our hair up to four tones, causing a great contrast that is not usually to everyone’s taste. Therefore, this last product is only taken into account if you want to completely bleach your hair . Now, if you still have doubts, you can always ask for advice at the store where you buy the coloring product.

como hacer mechas balayage en casa

Dyeing the hair in V format

At the moment in which we have the hair separated into sections after a good brushing, we have to apply the product from top to bottom, strand by strand . To achieve a good result, it is necessary to place the brush that we are using perpendicular to the strands and, also, in a vertical position. At this point, it’s time to sweep from top to bottom. Of course, we recommend that you do not adjust the product too much at the root .

The ideal is to select those strands that we want to transform and apply the product in a “V” shape. This means that from the middle to the ends, the edges of the strand must be well involved and, once the ends are reached, the central part of the latter must be adequately impregnated. It is the only way to achieve that the final part of the hair boasts a more intense lightening.

Make touch-ups

There is a possibility that we only want to do a small touch-up . In this case, it will only be necessary to apply the product in the middle of the hair. In this way we will ensure that the tip does not dry out too much. Likewise, if we are looking for a more natural result, we only have to card part of the strand in which we are going to put the product . This way, the highlights won’t be so flat.

Of course, we must not forget at any time that the longer we let the bleach act, the lighter our hair will be . Therefore, it never hurts to carry out a previous test in order to know how long it takes our hair to reach the desired tone. At the moment in which we have the calculations made, we only have to apply the rest of the product through our hair and let it act for as long as we believe appropriate taking into account the previous reference. Of course, if we put the product back on the part of the hair in which we had done the test, it will be even clearer. On the other hand, another tip that is important to follow is to start the process with the darkest locks , as they are the ones that will take the longest to clear.

como hacer mechas balayage en casa

Wash the hair

When the necessary time has elapsed to achieve the objective that we had set for ourselves, it is important to wash the hair until any residue of the product has been removed . Now, it is not advisable to use the first shampoo that we have on hand, but there are some specific ones for this type of coloring. If you do not know which are the most prominent, just ask a store specialized in this type of product about which is the best for us to obtain an optimal result .

Now that you know how to do balayage highlights at home , you just have to take a step forward and bet on improving your image in a very short time, enjoying results of ten.